There were the 12 apostles. There were the 12 Greek gods of Olympus. There are the 12 houses of the Zodiac.

But none of those powerful groups of 12 was on 28-year-old Whitney Taylor's mind earlier this year when she and her fiance chose Wednesday -- 12/12/12 -- as the day to tie the knot.

"Jason and I thought it was really unique because it's not going to happen for another 100 years," the University of Colorado grad said Tuesday.

Or 88 years and change, to be exact.

Jan. 1, 2101, is the next day there will be a series of identical double digits on the calendar, ending a run of once-a-year numerical symmetry that began Jan. 1, 2001.

Taylor's wedding is one of three being held at Boulder's Greenbriar Inn on Wednesday. That's about three more weddings than the inn typically hosts on a Wednesday, employee Rianna Byrd said.

Nicole Murdock, manager of David's Bridal in Westminster, said her shop has been busy preparing young brides-to-be for their big hump-day nuptials for months. Many of her customers come from Boulder and Broomfield counties.

"We do have a lot of brides in the Denver market who are choosing this iconic date," she said. "And it's an easy anniversary to remember."

According to the wedding planning chain, more than 7,500 brides will marry Wednesday, compared with fewer than 500 on the same date a year ago.


Murdock said given the winter season and the weekday, Wednesday wasn't as popular for weddings as 07/7/07 was five years ago. But July 7, 2007, not only had summer and the succession of lucky sevens going for it, it also fell on a Saturday.

"There were 65,000 couples who tied the knot in the United States on that date," Murdock said.

Esoteric numerologer Elizabeth Summers, of Longmont, doesn't ascribe much significance to Wednesday's triple twelves in terms of ensuring blessed weddings and divorce-free futures, but she doesn't deny the power of 12 in people's lives. The individual digits in the number add up to three, Summers said, a number which hones in on values.

"In ancient kabbalah and ancient tarot, the number 12 is a very prominent energy," she said. "It represents a significant attitude adjustment about one's values."

Summers, who has given readings for the past 24 years, said Dec. 12, 2012, represents a turning point -- a point when people "reset the thermostat of their lives." Whether it's the job they're in, the marriage they're in, the debt they're in, they have to figure out if they're going down the right path.

"I think a lot of people are going to reset their values and get rid of the junk in their lives because they're going to come to the consciousness that it just ain't working anymore," she said. "People need to listen to their hunches. The number 12 is a very powerful vibration."

And for some, it's also a powerful marketing tool. Denver-area Jack in the Box restaurants are celebrating the repeating dozens with 12-cent tacos for 12 hours Wednesday, starting at noon. The three Broomfield locations and the Jack in the Box in Longmont confirmed Tuesday that they would be taking part in the promotion.

For Jalino's Pizza in Boulder, the power of Wednesday's calendrical symmetry meant playing off the size of its foot-diameter pie. The pizzeria across Arapahoe Avenue from Boulder High School will chop the price of its 12-inch cheese pie from $13.99 to $5 Wednesday only.

"You can order as many as you want to order," owner Judson Weaver said. "It's $5 out the door."

That includes tax.

Weaver said he wasn't driven to slash his pizza price so much by the mysticism or ancient powers of the number 12 as much as by the desire to get more customers through the door.

"We're never going to see this again, so I thought I should take advantage of it," he said.

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