T he University of Colorado's student portal experienced an outage Monday morning, leaving students without access to their online schedules on the first day of spring classes.

University spokeswoman Malinda Miller-Huey said they first noticed a problem around 8 a.m. and began successfully logging students back into the system around 1 p.m.

The MyCUInfo portal holds academic resources like student schedules and grades, financial information like tuition billing and allows students to add or drop classes.

CU doctoral student and instructor David Harper said the outage kept him from downloading and printing his class roster for the course he is teaching.

"This happens almost every semester, exactly when most students need it most," Harper said.

Harper said he contacted CU's technical support about the problem and received an email that stated, "we understand your frustration and unfortunately we can not fix this from our end and do not have an ETA."

Miller-Huey said this was only the second outage since the system was launched in the fall of 2011 and that the other complaints are likely due to heavy traffic slowing the site on the first day of classes.

"Students changed their habits," Miller-Huey said. "They've changed their actions, in the last five, six, seven years or so -- logging on at the last minute instead of having their schedules written down ahead of time."


Class schedules were emailed to students on Thursday, before classes started, Miller-Huey said, so students had access to their schedules via last week's email.

The portal's new mobile site was also down for part of the day on Monday, she said.

The system was last upgraded over Thanksgiving break, Miller-Huey said, with improvements that were supposed to accommodate more volume and heavier traffic.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, the university's information technology team did not know the cause of Monday's outage, Miller-Huey said.

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