The city of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department has re-opened the Upper Big Bluestem Trail after crews worked for eight months to re-align the trail away from animal habitats.

The newly re-routed Upper Big Bluestem Trail -- which opened Thursday -- is near the South Table Mesa Trailhead and connects to the Mesa Trail.

City open space and community groups made re-routing the original trail a priority in the West Trail Study Area Plan to avoid stream corridors that provide habitats for black bears and other species.

Dogs with voice and sight tags are allowed to be off-leash on weekdays, but all dogs must be leashed on Saturdays and Sundays while on the trail.

The city also opened Lower Big Bluestem, Gregory Canyon and Green Mountain Lodge trails this week after flood-damage repair. 

Overall, the city has re-opened about 95 percent of its trail system after the September flooding.

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