Join the club

One of the best ways to score some climbing deals around town is to join the CU Alpine Club -- $20 for one year. Members get discounts at three of Boulder's gyms (Movement, the BRC and the Spot), plus Neptune Mountaineering and Outdoor Divas. The club plans trips to climbing destinations around the state most weekends. Go to for more info.

I t might feel like a letdown to be driven indoors from Eldo or the Flatirons.

But it's no reason to get too bummed. This town has one of the best indoor climbing scenes around.

Whether you want to hit the bouldering scene at the Spot or squeeze in an auto-belay sesh at the Boulder Rock Club, you're covered when it's too hot or too cold to climb outside.

All prices listed are for students, as of July 2011, unless otherwise noted.

1 The Spot

3240 Prairie Ave.

The Spot is still, well, the spot to hang and do a whole lot of bouldering (often with dubstep womping in the background, which might match the pump in your forearms, ow). They also put on a fun competition series every fall and winter -- sometimes with a theme that calls for a costume.


For some bonus antics at the Spot, try the slackline. It's the only gym in town where you can learn to balance on the line or watch the regulars attempt outrageous tricks.

For: Bouldering, slacklining.

Cost: Drop-in $17 (half price on Fridays); monthly membership starts at $60 per month; 5-punch cards $70.

Info:, 303-379-8806

2 Boulder Rock Club

2829 Mapleton Ave.

The BRC is a deal. They have low rates and everything you need -- bouldering, roped climbing and auto belays (for solo seshes).

The BRC expanded its weight room over the summer of 2012, and they still offer plenty of yoga and fitness classes. In fact, be warned: The fitness classes are some of the toughest conditioning sessions in town. They don't call it the "Cry in the Dojo" series for nothing. (They also offer "X-Cardio for the Mountains," and everyone knows "X" is code for "this is freaking hard.")

A joint membership with the Spot is available, too.

For: Climbing with a friend or solo, and fitness. And crying in dojos.

Cost: Drop in $12; monthly membership starts at $48 per month; 10-punch pass $110; three months $150

Info:, 303-447-2804

3 Movement Climbing and Fitness

2845 Valmont Road

The latest addition to Boulder's gym scene, Movement boasts the town's highest indoor walls -- and stadium seating from which to people-watch.

If you're not giving those viewers something spicy to look at, Movement has bouldering, too, plus a weight room and fitness classes.

A few standout offerings: This gym offers indoor cycling classes, and their wide variety of daily yoga classes includes Aero Yoga (for those who like being slightly airborne).

For: All-around climbing, plus spinning and yoga.

Cost: Drop in $13; monthly starts at $68; 10-punch pass $160

Info:, 303-443-1505

4 Colorado Athletic Training School

2400 30th St.

CATS is where a lot of the local big guns of bouldering go to train. No climbing ropes here -- CATS is mostly a gymnastics facility, but it is also home to an intense collection of bouldering walls designed for upper-level training.

And they have foam pits to land in. Mmm, billowy-pillowy...

Stick with it and you'll get strong so fast you'll forget that you wanted your mommy on your first visit.

(Side note: If you like to fly snowboarding or skiing, CATS has trampoline classes for that, too.)

For: Bouldering, especially V-hard.

Cost: $5 drop in; $35 monthly; 10-punch pass $50

Info:, 303-939-9699