Design Your Transit System

Check out an online tool that allows you to design your own transit system and prioritize spending at

The results will be analyzed at the end of June to be incorporated into city transportation planning, though the tool will remain open and may be revisited for some time to come.

Whether you drive an hour to your job in Boulder or exclusively use the bus to get around town, city officials want to hear your opinions on how to improve transit in Boulder and around the region.

An online tool, "Design Your Transit System," asks people to allocate money for various transit improvements in accordance with their priorities. If they go over their budget, they'll have to redo their rankings. The tool asks about service, fares, access and amenities.

Already, more than 500 people have used the online tool, but city transportation planners are hoping for a larger response by the end of June, when they'll analyze the results.

The tool is just one piece of a larger outreach effort around transit. Planners have also held mobile workshops outside grocery stores and on the University of Colorado campus with the intent of capturing the views of people who aren't always engaged in city planning efforts.


The results will be incorporated in the transportation master plan and used to negotiate with the RTD for expanded local and regional service. It will also be part of the feasibility study of a communitywide or even countywide Eco Pass program, said city transportation planner Cris Jones.

"This is Boulder," he said. "We should decide what we want from transit, and then we should approach RTD and see what they think they can do."

Jones said planners want to hear from people who don't usually ride the bus, as well as from bus commuters, because they hope to figure out how to get more people out of their cars.

They'll be able to compare existing commuting habits to what those survey participants prioritized, to see which users would be affected by which service changes.

"When we think about the types of behaviors we want to impact, we can see what the priorities are of different types of commuters," he said.

Jones said transportation planners also would like to hear from Boulder Valley School District parents and students, because the city wants to reduce driving to school.

The online tool will remain up beyond June, and planners will look for additional results later in the year. However, they hope as many people as possible fill it out before the end of the month so that the analysis will be thorough.

Transportation planners hope to finalize the plan and present it to the City Council for approval in early 2014.

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