The sport of Quidditch may never be truly replicated in the land of muggles, but you can get the next best thing at CU with the Basilisks.
The sport of Quidditch may never be truly replicated in the land of muggles, but you can get the next best thing at CU with the Basilisks. (Facebook)

College is a time to explore interests, and that isn't just limited to classes.

The University of Colorado offers hundreds of clubs for students covering all sorts of activities, hobbies and topics, from the Advertising Club to the Zen Society.

CU provides a complete list of student activity groups on its Center For Student Involvement website, but we've taken the liberty of picking out a few of the unique clubs students can join this semester.

Astronomy Club

CU has a long, proud history of launching stuff into space, whether it be fancy contraptions developed at CU or actual people who went to CU. The astronomy club is for people who look up at the stars and wonder at the marvels of the universe, and not just wonder how they ended up lying on the ground in the middle of the night.

The club brings together people with an interest in space for field trips, astronomy discussions, presentations by faculty and researchers, and even support and research for projects.

For more information, visit the club's Facebook page.

The Backcountry Club

Are you one of those people never satisfied with just riding up and down the mountain on a ski lift? Well for skiers and snowboarders looking for something a little more off the beaten path, this club is for you.

The Backcountry Club is for both experienced backcountry riders and those looking to get into the sport. From organized trips to free gear rentals and safety tips, you'll be winding your way through the trees in no time.


For mor information, visit the club's website.

Boulder Basilisks

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Are you simply a fan of running around with household cleaning tools tucked under your junk? Either way, you are in luck!

The sport of Quidditch as described by J.K. Rowling in her popular wizarding books may never be truly replicated in muggle land — what with our gravity-bound brooms and all — but you can get the next best thing at CU with the Basilisks.

The club holds weekly practices and participates in scrimmages and tournaments with other schools all over the country.

For more information, visit the team's Faceook page.

Boulder Gymnastics Club at the University of Colorado

Every four years, the Summer Olympics launches gymnastics back into the nation's consciousness. Whether you have caught medal fever or have always loved gymnastics, the Boulder Gymnastics Club provides a place for students to swing, vault and tumble to their hearts' content.

Membership is open to all skill levels, but the club is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs, so students do have the option to compete.

For more information, email

Cannabis Law League

Yeah, yeah, we've heard all of the weed jokes. But all kidding aside, the legalization of marijuana has turned cannabis into big business in Colorado.

The Cannabis Law League is a student group dedicated to raising awareness about potential business and legal opportunities within the cannabis industry. The club hosts information sessions, fundraisers and networking opportunities for students looking to get into the business or legal aspects of the fast-growing industry.

For more information, email

The Caving Club at CU Boulder

The Caving Club is an organization for avid cavers who enjoy the activities of caving, cave conservation, and educational awareness of the cave ecosystem.

The club is an active cooperative between CU students and the local chapters (known as grottos) of The National Speleological Society that hosts caving trips and meetings to discuss different scientific aspects of caving with respect to geological, archaeological and ecological fields.

Plus, spelunking is a really fun word to say. Spelunking, spelunking, spelunking.

For more information, visit the club's Facebook page.

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