Holy chakras, it's raining soul out there! (Shut up hippie.)

I have a point. In the late 1960s, Boulder was a choice spot for hippies to land. Those hippies infused their liberal counterculture into The People's Republic, along with its peyote and unwashed hair. But that's OK, because it had a major influence on how Boulder turned out.

Sitting at the base of the foothills where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains, and where slabs of giant sandstone are chilling out, Boulder's unique combination of liberal minds, outdoor recreation and new age spirituality offers one of the damn coolest places to get your body and soul on.

Boulder constantly garners the highest rankings in health, featuring very low obesity rates, and has been named the fittest city. And with thousands of acres of recreational open space (of which more than half is open and available to the public), the option to meditate, exercise or spark a fat blunt on the top of a mountain is within reach. (Note to selves: Using marijuana on public land is illegal, so get stoned at home, then go nature the shit out of things.)

Whether you're a seasoned 78-year-old grad student or a squeaky-clean 18-year-old freshman, school will get rough. Remember to take breaks, remember to breathe and remember to take care of your mental health. This Body & Soul issue will act as your guide to various resources on campus — ranging from mental health, to drug and alcohol abuse, to safe sex.


If you get overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask for help. You (i.e., your parents) are paying a good hunk of greens to get you an education, and there are so many free resources to take advantage of — so do it.

Now stop talking to me. I have a fat J, a bag of chili cheese Fritos and some wildflowers to shoot the shit with. See you out there.

Christy Fantz: