Jay Som
Jay Som (Courtesy photo)

The long, lazy summer is coming to an end, and things are starting to pick up again. Classes are starting, the days grow shorter and there is seemingly less to do for fun as temperatures drop. But have no fear as there is plenty of live music to hear.

Jay Som and American Grandma

Sept. 10

The Fox Theatre

Jay Som, otherwise known as Melina Duterte, is dreamy bedroom pop perfection. Hailing from the Bay area, Duterte's music falls in line with indie pop sweethearts like Alex G and Mac Demarco. Local favorites American Grandma are also on the bill. Their sound is magical: raw and powerful yet ambient and spacey. If you're ready for something lush, summery and just a little whimsical, definitely check this one out.

Thundercat brings his heavy groove to the Ogden Theater on Sept. 14.
Thundercat brings his heavy groove to the Ogden Theater on Sept. 14. (Rich Fury / Getty Images)


Sept. 14

The Ogden Theatre

Lose yourself to dance. Surrender to the rhythm. And you will find yourself completely overwhelmed by the bass-heavy groove of Thundercat's music. Buttery synth notes, gracefully syncopated beats, and vocals from the likes of Kenny Loggins to Wiz Khalifa always seek to surprise and impress.

Cherry Glazerr

Sept. 15

Fox Theatre

Cherry Glazerr, which began as the bedroom project of then-teenager Clementine Creevy, has been a fixture in the independent music scene for a while. Spanning a vast assortment of sounds and energies, Cherry Glazzer has migrated from noisey bedroom pop to nineties rock to being featured on a Death Grips track. But through everything, Cherry Glazerr maintains a contagious energy that's always chaotic and maybe a little innocent as well.



Sept. 16

Larimer Lounge

The off-kilter pop sound of Montreal's TOPS is smooth, dreamy and surprisingly goofy. With a nostalgic richness similar to Blood Orange and indie rock laziness like that of Mild High Club or Homeshake, TOPS hits the sweet spot between pop and unique, neither too experimental nor over-produced.

Japanese Breakfast and Mannequin Pussy

Sept. 30

Larimer Lounge

Japanese Breakfast and Mannequin Pussy are sort of like chicken and waffles — you wouldn't think that they would go well together, but they most certainly do. The riot grrrl punk feeling of Mannequin Pussy sits in perfect contrast to the shoegazey magic of Japanese Breakfast. But what they do have in common is strong female vocals that lyrically bear raw emotion and reflections on femininity.

Sheer Mag

Oct. 7

Larimer Lounge

The uncanny fusion of Thin Lizzy-style guitar riffs, shrill vocals and a fuzzy, lo-fi sound makes for the sunny, feel-good, nostalgic sensation of Sheer Mag. Bringing back the best of classic rock in a new and refreshing way, Sheer Mag are heroes in my book. This show will be a blast.

Another group from Montreal, Ought brings its post-punk style to Larimer Lounge on Oct. 10.
Another group from Montreal, Ought brings its post-punk style to Larimer Lounge on Oct. 10. (Courtesy photo)


Oct. 10

Larimer Lounger

Artistic post-punk galore! With circular, drawn-out tunes acting as the perfect canvas for singer Tim Darcy's mystical, often spoken lyrics, one can't help but recall The Fall. As torchbearers for one of the greatest and most prolific post-punk bands in history, Ought is for fans of the avant garde and underground.

Girlpool and Palm

Oct. 18

Larimer Lounge

This is, without a doubt, the most exciting show of the year. Two bands, so vastly different, are united through their niche and innovative sounds. Girlpool have been turning heads and racking in the praise since their 2014 self-titled debut. Since then, they've transitioned from their trademark minimal, lo-fi ethos to something more reminiscent of '90s rock, fit with harmonies to send chills down your spine. Palm are fast, mathematical and sharp yet confusing. Their strategic use of dissonance and distorted vocals makes for something abstract and chaotic. This will certainly be an evening of experimental delight with both acts serving as pioneers of underground music.

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