Isaac Lutz does a spinning move during the Breakdancing club meeting at the CU Rec center in 2009.
Isaac Lutz does a spinning move during the Breakdancing club meeting at the CU Rec center in 2009. (Jonathan Castner)
If you go

What: Student involvement fair

When: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sept. 4

Where: Outside the UMC Fountain area

Meet: Representatives from more than 100 student groups.

Eat: Free snacks

College can be intimidating. Classes, tests, homework, roommates, no friends.

No friends?

Aw. You poor little Buff. Let us help you out. The great thing about college is that a gaggle of grown-ups get together to grow their brains. ("Grown-ups" used lightly, obviously.) The sheer volume of Buffs on campus makes for every single kind of person, interest and hobby.

Like slacklining? There's a club for that. Like running from zombies around campus? There's a club for that. How about knitting? Also a club for that.

The University of Colorado has hundreds of student organizations that fit nearly every single pastime, and most of them are free.

Since we can't list every club here, find the whole lineup of student organizations here:

In the meantime, I'll tell you about a couple of organizations that look pretty damn nifty.

Humans versus Zombies


There's a zombie right behind you! This independent organization gives you a chance to play tag as an adult. The zombies and humans evade one another using the entire campus to hide and seek. Form alliances, meet friends and run for your life. Your braaaaaains are at stake here, people.


The Scotch and Cigar Appreciation Group

A human wears an armband for an HvZ game on campus.
A human wears an armband for an HvZ game on campus. ( PAUL AIKEN )

You love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down. Down into your belly. Friends, this is no drinking club to get together and get tanked, this is a student social group that offers members a chance to learn how to enjoy a nice glass of scotch while puffing on a big ol' fat cigar. Learn about the delicious nectar.


Fashion Design Student Association (FDSA)

This group began a couple years ago due to the lack of a fashion degree at CU. The FDSA has grown from just a few designers to a full-blown campus catwalk. This club engages fashion designers and models while putting on campus fashion shows -- just like New York. Models strut the runway, makeup artists and set designers get experience and the next Mondo Guerra (Hey! He lives in Denver!) has a chance to shine. The club also offers workshops and has a high focus on promoting a healthy body image.



So, we've got a little entrepreneur on our hands? Mom would be so proud. CU has a grandiose reputation for being a top public university for entrepreneurship. This club gathers the thinkers, the innovators and the candlestick makers. Ahem, I mean the creative brains who have sights set high on creating a company.


Left Right TIM Improv Comedy

Getting on stage and making a complete jackass of yourself sounds like a perfect job. We all want to be Will Ferrell, but that's a tough feat. You can start by joining CU's top improv group, Left Right TIM. This group offers workshops for the comedy-driven as well as live shows on campus. Practice those chops, friends, not everyone can play -- they hold tryouts for the interested (and have opened for national comedians on the CU campus).


Breakin Club

What up b-boys and b-girls, let's bust a move. Don't you want to be one of those cats who drops it like it's hot in the middle of the dance floor -- spinning on your head after robotic-like dance moves? Me too. This club holds unofficial practices to teach and train students. Remember the movie "Breakin'"? Of course you don't. You were just a mere a twinkle in your parent's DNA. Anyway, these hip-hoppers gather in the Rec Center, blast the jams and move like a badass Buff can.