Dear new Buffs, you’d trust advice from some of the slightly older and wiser Buffs, right? We’re talking about pups Scooby and Georgia here,
Dear new Buffs, you'd trust advice from some of the slightly older and wiser Buffs, right? We're talking about pups Scooby and Georgia here, but we guess Chad, David and Michael seem like they'd dish out good advice, too. (Chelsea Jewell / For the Colorado Daily)

For freshmen, this month marks the beginning of a grand adventure.

For seniors, it's been there, done that.

As seniors wrap up their final months of class before making their way into the "real world," I took it upon myself to gather some of Boulder's brightest Buffs to impart upon you freshmen their words of wisdom.

From seniors to recent grads and a handful of old fogeys like yours truly who've had a little over a year to look back on our college careers, I give to you a collection of advice from your Buff peers:

"Don't be afraid to go to things alone. If you think something looks fun, do it. People with similar interests will also be doing the thing — this is how you meet the friends you keep with you through and out of college... Except for parties. Don't go to those alone, for the love of god." — Senior Lauren Thurman, English major.

"College at CU-Boulder is amazing, if you keep an open mind to new experiences, new people, and work hard!" — Senior Paige Radtke, molecular, cellular and developmental biology.

"Don't pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing. Figure out what you need to be doing and do that. If you need to turn down an invitation to study? Fine. If you need to party every night for a couple months? Fine. My best study day was the Super Bowl my sophomore year, and my best night out was before a midterm my senior year." — May 2014 grad Brianna Jo Champ, international affairs and Spanish and Portuguese language.


"Don't rush into a major before you really know what you want, and don't screw around, because then you have to take summer school." — May 2014 grad Sami Colgate, anthropology.

"Leave your dorm room door open when you are hanging out the first few weeks. Random people will wander in and you'll make new friends." — May 2014 grad Piper Jackson-Sevy, economics and international affairs.

"Four years goes by a lot faster than you would expect, so try to take some time to relax, reflect and enjoy it! Also, intramurals are so fun and a great way to get to know people." — December 2013 grad Katie Odens, Spanish language and literature and secondary education

"Be really, ridiculously nice to yourself. Be patient, forgiving, lighthearted, give yourself kudos ... Think about how the best leaders treat their followers. They take care of them, motivate them, cheer them on, recognize their wins, help them learn from their losses, and give them time off when they need it.

"We all have this ongoing narrative happening in our brains. My advice is to actively train it to be a better leader, to say things like 'Good enough, time for a break, I earned it,' instead of, 'I almost blew it, what's wrong with me?' In college it's way too easy to get bogged down by other people's suffocating narratives and poor internal leadership. The sooner you start retraining your own narrative to be on your team instead of against you, the more resilient, healthy and happy you'll be." — December 2013 grad Cory Katuna, international spanish for the professions.

"Be spontaneous — be a Yes Man, or Yes Woman, or Yes Human. If something sounds a bit strange at first, is out of your comfort zone or you don't have anyone to do it with, embrace a sense of adventure and do it anyway! You fall into such colorful experiences that way, and days become richer." — May 2013 grad Ali Bibbo, journalism and anthropology

"Find a way to study abroad. It's a cliche for a reason — study abroad truly does change your life. Even if you have to take out extra loans, you won't regret it. It will be the best semester of your college career and will create lifelong memories." — May 2013 grad Alyssum Strasbaugh, psychology.

There you have it, fresh Buffs. Heed our words of wisdom — we've made it this far, haven't we?

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