Liz Price takes her mark for a tricycle race at the Dark Horse.
Liz Price takes her mark for a tricycle race at the Dark Horse. ( Shawn McHugh )

K ing's Cup, strip poker, beer pong, boob ball. These are all the classics for a night drinking with friends. And they're damn fun even if you're choosing to take it easy and stick with juice. (Don't worry, play your cards right and all your drunken friends won't know the difference.)

But say you want the interaction of other intoxicated folk bumping and grinding and slurring at you.

Well never fear. Bars offer more than just cheap pool and shuffleboard now. You can get fancier than Quarters on a beer-sodden table here in Boulder.

Try these bar games on for size.


Ring Toss at the Walrus

The Walrus Saloon

1173 Walnut St.


This isn't what you think. It's name probably isn't even "Ring Toss," but since the premise is to swing a ring tied to a rope toward a hook on a beam, it seems appropriate enough.

While packed to the brim with arcade games, pool, air hockey and ping pong, the Walrus seems to be known for this game. The rope, tied to the ceiling, has a small, metal hoop at the end. On a post, there's a hook. So the idea is simple enough: Swing the rope just the right way to get the ring to hook on, and you win! What do you win? Well, the respect of your friends at the very least. And while this game tends to block off the couches in that back corner, it's a great way to test how drunk you are, and potentially injure someone you don't like in the process (frenemies, beware).



A Sink full of games

The Sink

1165 13th St.


The Sink's known for its decades-old graffiti and famous visitors like President Obama and Robert Redford (a former employee, as it were). But honestly, what it SHOULD be known for is Giant Jenga.

Yea, GIANT JENGA. That game where you stack a bunch of wood by threes up in a tower and pull the slats out one at a time till it topples. Except this time, the topple could be devastating to those in flip-flops and those odd, toe-divided Croc deals.

Even more fun than giant slabs of wood, there's corn hole (or bean-bag toss for the dumb, like this author) and beiruit tourneys (aka beer pong, again for the classless writer you're reading right now).

From 10:30 p.m. to close Tuesday nights, all this is yours, with $8 Coors Light pitchers to make it all the more fun. Head over on Hump Day for mini bike racing. The speedsters win a prize.


Bikes and Bingo at Dark Horse

The Dark Horse Bar and Grill

2922 Baseline Rd.


Another night of drunken cycling awaits at Dark Horse, a bar known for its burgers and quality view from the patio.

But this time, it's a custom tricycle that'll challenge your coordination.

Race around the bar for a chance to win prizes from Budweiser every Tuesday. This is in addition to the air hockey, foosball and video games throughout the bar.

The fun doesn't stop there, though, with Bingo Fridays ready to lure you in with cash-money prizes. You can also snag gift cards for Boulder Beer and other awesome swag. To keep things interesting, Friday nights also come with $3 Long Island Iced Teas and $2 Smirnoff, if you're into that hard stuff.


Sing-along time at Outback

Outback Saloon

3141 28th St.


Now, this doesn't necessarily qualify as a game, unless you've got friends willing to belt out classics by Nsync or Madonna. But if you do, it's vital to head to karaoke night at the Outback Saloon.

Far off the beaten path, this bar tucked behind Blockbuster has karaoke nights Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 p.m.

Just make sure your camera phones are charged for the occasion. There's also pool and darts for the not-so-musically inclined, and shuffleboard, should sliding metal on sand be what floats your boat.

All around, a good time for everything but your ears.


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