More rides, more fun

If you're looking for even more bike rides to tackle around Boulder, is the place to go. You'll find local rides on and off the road at .

B oulder is home to countless road cyclists (duh, you already know this), and they all get their fix riding roads near town. Heck, Kevin Costner has ridden a bike near Boulder during filming of the 1985 classic "American Flyers."

Don't be a dope (too soon? Too soon), get on those fancy bike shorts you wear around the house when no one's looking and hit the road.

Here are five road rides for your skinny tires to sniff out:

Morgul Bismarck ride

13-mile loop


The Morgul Bismarck is a classic ride that was once part of the Coors Classic and Red Zinger races during the '70s and '80s. A modified version of this loop is now used in the Superior Morgul Classic, an annual stage race in nearby Superior.

You can start anywhere along the loop, but a good place is in the Town of Superior near the intersection of McCaslin Boulevard and Rock Creek Parkway. Then ride south on McCaslin, where you'll face "The Wall," a steep hill that climbs 750 feet -- and quick. You'll head west on 120th, then north on Highway 93 before loop back toward Superior on Marshall Drive. Rinse, repeat.



Peak to Peak

60-mile loop


The Peak to Peak highway gives you amazing views of the mountains and Continental Divide. This is a pretty tough ride, but you can stop for food and water in Ward, Lyons or Raymond, towns along this route.

A cyclist pedals up Lefthand Canyon -- a hugely popular route for cyclists.
A cyclist pedals up Lefthand Canyon -- a hugely popular route for cyclists. ( CLIFF GRASSMICK )

Head north on U.S. 36 to Left Hand Canyon, then head up, up and up through the kinda kooky town of Ward. Kick hard to climb out of Ward onto the Peak to Peak Highway, where you will head north past knock-your-socks-off views of Rocky Mountain National Park's high peaks. Dive off the Peak to Peak to pedal through Raymond, an adorable town with a single store where you can stop for a Gatorade or bag of salty potato chips or candy bar (hey, it's a long ride, you'll be looking to shove all of the above down your gullet), then roll down on a broad shoulder on South St. Vrain Drive to Lyons. Stop for a proper coffee if you like, then ride east to hook back up with 36 to head back to Boulder.


NCAR hill climbs

2 miles, depending where you start


This ride is close to Boulder and provides a quick burst of intensity in a short period of time -- or a long period of time, if you keep doing a bunch of repeats.

Head west on Table Mesa from Broadway and then keep going, right up to NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research. You've seen it from below -- the NCAR building kinda looks like a castle from afar, but it's a thoroughly modern building designed by famed architect I.M. Pei.

And the views? Not a bad reward for your 700 feet of climbing.

Now do it again.


Olde Stage

13-mile loop


Olde Stage is an infamous quick climb around these parts. If you're not warmed up by the time you get to North Boulder to start this loop (which we measured from Amante in NoBo), head north on U.S. 36 to Left Hand Canyon Drive. Hang a left (of course!) there at the Greenbriar Inn, then head up the canyon to Olde Stage Road, just past Buckingham Park. Olde Stage is mellow at first, but you'll soon see the meat of the climb in the form of an asphalt wall dead ahead.

Coming down the other side, heads up! It's steep. It can be gravelly. And the biggest danger: the stop sign at the junction of Lee Hill Drive. Be careful here, we're not kidding. But also enjoy this quick and classic loop, it's all kinds of fun.


Fruit Loops

40-ish miles out and back


After you've done all these other crazy climbs and long rides, Fruit Loops is, well, sweet and delicious. And by sweet and delicious, we mean somewhat easy and mellow.

Head north on U.S. 36 to Lyons, cruise through town and continue north on U.S. 36, turning left two miles up on Apple Valley Road. This is the first loop.

Enjoy the pleasant roll by quaint homes on Apple Valley back toward Lyons and eventually meet back up 36. Head back toward town, this time heading straight onto St. Vrain Drive. Continue south until you reach Old St. Vrain Road. Turn left at Old St. Vrain Road, a tree-lined neighborhood street that heads back north to Lyons, where you'll connect again with U.S. 36 back into Boulder.

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