Updated: April 17, 2014 9:58:02 AM MDT
Damon Slayton
(Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)
Local NewsInmate mistakenly freed from Jefferson County Jail caught in Denver

03/28/2014 12:48 AM MDT
An inmate who was mistakenly released from the Jefferson County Jail earlier this week was taken into custody Thursday morning in Denver. 
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Toronto mayor says he's off drugs, hits gym daily
02/25/2014 09:43 AM MST - TORONTO—Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he no longer uses illegal drugs, goes to the gym every day and doesn't drink as much as he used to. Full Story

City honors Kurt Cobain with bizarre crying statue
02/21/2014 03:32 PM MST - Locals mock Kurt Cobain Day in his hometown of Aberdeen, Wash. Full Story

Wanted fugitive tries daring balcony escape, fails
02/21/2014 01:09 AM MST - A Texas fugitive hiding out in Denver went to great lengths Wednesday to try to avoid being captured, even using a bed sheet to scale down a 20-floor apartment unit. Full Story

Bizarre 911 calls lead to pot discovery in CA
02/18/2014 04:42 PM MST - MODESTO, Calif.—A series of bizarre and false emergency calls led authorities in to the discovery of a marijuana garden in a Northern California home. Full Story

Wisconsin: Toddler rescued from bowling alley's pin-setting mechanism
02/13/2014 04:52 PM MST -

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. - One minute Andy Gardner was about to leave work. The next he was pulling a toddler from a dangerous mechanism used to reset bowling pins. Full Story

One-cent gasoline causes rush on Shell station; clerk remains clueless
02/11/2014 09:56 AM MST - WOODSTOCK, Ill. (AP) -- An error at northern Illinois gas station caused pumps to sell fuel for a penny a gallon. Full Story

Meditation museum hopes to help Congress chill out
02/07/2014 03:18 PM MST - The need to take a breather seems to be a bipartisan issue. Full Story

Twin toilets photo at Sochi Olympics goes viral
01/22/2014 02:42 PM MST - At least one Olympic bathroom seems to be flush with toilets. Full Story

Seattle teen: I was fired for wearing a Broncos jersey to work
01/22/2014 02:36 PM MST - The teen is a life-long Denver fan. Full Story

Lost Hank Williams recordings will soon emerge

Previously unreleased recordings of country music legend Hank Williams performing songs on a 1950 radio show will be released next month for download and on vinyl. Full Story