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    Peace TrainPeace Train: The oligarchs take over the U.S.

    The influence of the rich and powerful is rampant in our government
    04/03/2014 12:06 PM MDT
    During the past 40 years or so, the powerful and wealthy have staged a slow-motion takeover of our government. 
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    CUSG Corner: Comments by CU-Boulder conservative scholar Steven Hayward mock students' experiences
    04/02/2014 06:07 PM MDT - The position of Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy has the potential to create valuable dialogue on our campus. However, the academic imperative to promote a diversity of ideas and experiences ends when the ideas being expressed are oppressive and discriminatory. Full Story

    Let's not let the Ukraine crisis escalate to nuclear war
    03/21/2014 04:13 PM MDT - This is a time for restraint, balance and a willingness to compromise. Full Story

    CUSG: How to be an activist in the classroom
    03/10/2014 12:13 PM MDT - The University of Colorado has a long tradition of activism. Many of us participate in global movements, volunteer on alternative breaks, and help our community during disasters like the Colorado flood of 2013. Full Story

    Peace Train: Complexity and Ukraine
    03/06/2014 01:00 PM MST - Sometimes making peace is not a simple matter. Some situations would try the wisdom of Solomon. The current conflict in Ukraine is an example. Full Story

    Peace Train: We're not WIPPing plutonium leaks
    02/27/2014 11:36 AM MST - What kind of waste is isolated in this Waste Isolation Pilot Plant? Plutonium laden gloves, tools, all the paraphernalia that is used to build the plutonium components for nuclear bombs Full Story

    RYAN: Starting out with startups in Boulder
    02/25/2014 03:20 PM MST - This past week, Spark Boulder celebrated their grand opening. Spark is an awesome new coworking and accelerator space designed and built by students, for students. Full Story

    CUSG Corner: The missing piece in sustainability at CU-Boulder: you
    02/24/2014 12:05 PM MST - If you could do a few simple things to help further social justice and reduce global environmental destruction, would you? Full Story

    Peace Train: Speaking out on Palestinian human rights
    02/20/2014 11:30 AM MST - For too long in this country, people supporting human rights and international law in relation to the Palestinian/Israeli issue have been reluctant to speak out. Israeli activists Maya Wind and Eran Efrati will broaden the discussion on Wednesday. Full Story

    RYAN: Get fit the geeky way
    02/18/2014 11:53 AM MST - Not everybody is into the outdoorsy world, and we're not all as hardcore as the Olympians and ultrarunners in our midst. But tech has your back.  Full Story

    Gmail makes sending mobile photos easier

    Now, you can insert an assortment of pictures or photo albums directly into email, resize them within the message and make sharing with friends and family less of a time-consuming process overall. Full Story
    'Bears': Survival is the bare necessity (review)

    Wildlife documentary pros Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey follow their well-established format of anthropomorphizing animals with human names, motivations and emotions, while still providing educational information and visuals so stunning, you'll wonder how they were shot. Full Story