The cost of college tuition has been increasing dramatically lately. It is extremely expensive and though it does offer exceptional benefits, it seems that sometimes you are restricted by policy. I am speaking specifically of the hours of operation for dining halls on campus.

The latest you can use a meal swipe, for the campus meal plan, is 9 p.m. This is only for a grab-n-go and is only open on weekends. The WeatherTech Café is always open until 2 a.m. but only allows you to use cash, credit, Munch Money, or Campus Cash. There are several reasons why this doesn't make sense and several reasons why extending the hours could actually be beneficial.

College students, in general, have extremely limited budgets. Using the meal plan is the only way they can eat adequately and a lot of times they don't have time to eat until later in the night. It is a reality that most college students stay up later than everyone else. We are on different schedules and between school, social lives, and sports/activities there isn't a lot of time to eat during the day.

The C4C closes at 8 p.m. every day which, in my case, is usually before I am even really thinking that much about dinner. An extension of dining hall hours would allow for more freedom for students and give them a lot more options to eat easily. It would also create need for more workers in the dining halls which means more jobs on campus for CU students. To be realistic, we are only asking that all the dining halls, or at least the C4C, stay open until 10 p.m. every day. This is not an extreme increase in hours but would greatly increase flexibility for students when eating.


Extending hours would also decrease the amount of people in the halls at one time. People would be able to eat at a wider range of times and going into the C4C could actually be a pleasant experience instead of a crowded and rushed hassle. We realize that what we are asking for doesn't just happen and it involves a lot of policy change.

Justin Unger


After experiencing the court system first-hand, I realized getting in trouble for underage drinking is not at all worth it. There are so many other things that I could be doing instead. From my personal experience, I learned that so many people were deeply affected by my decisions. These people include my roommate, my mother, and even my neighbors. Living next to family housing is not easy. I always hear babies crying and it makes me not want to have parties.

How could I throw a party with a baby sleeping next door? It's not worth it. It's also not fair to the baby's parents who are just trying to get some sleep. Besides family housing, I also live next to an older man who is an administrator at CU. After having the party that I did, I personally knocked on his door and apologized for being loud. This is not fair for him as well. He told me all he wants is peace and quiet because he has such long days. I definitely understand where he is coming from. If I was raising a family I would not be living in a college town, but sometimes people don't have a choice. Living next to college students is definitely not an easy thing. They are not only very loud but sometimes they break a lot of laws.

I've heard many stories of my friends urinating on their neighbors' lawns, throwing cups and just making a scene. This is not fair to the other families. How could you raise a kid in an area where college students are urinating everywhere? It's not fair and I am definitely going to do something about it. I will no longer have parties at my house, and I will make sure parties at my friends' houses are kept to a minimum. Once again, partying is not everything. There are so many other things that students could be doing.

Carly Weinstein