The Student Group Funding Board, or SGFB, has gone through multiple changes this summer. We strongly believe that the changes we as CUSG made this summer will impact the student groups for the better and will ease some of their frustration.

SGFB allocates funds to student groups for operational costs, which includes (but is not limited too) office materials, advertising, events, travel, payroll and food for group meetings. Student groups cannot use the money SGFB allocates until the following year -- we allocate a year in advance. Groups that have been in existence for three years or more and who have demonstrated visibility on campus can apply for up to $20,000 from SGFB. However, any student group on campus that has an account with Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO) can apply for SGFB funding. It doesn't matter if the group started yesterday or 30 years ago. There are, of course, stipulations as to what that money can be used for. SOFO acts as the bank for all student groups and watches the groups' accounts to make sure that student fees are being spent wisely and responsibly.

This summer, SGFB Code was revised to make SGFB more accessible to student groups. In years past, SGFB has had one marathon weekend a year in which they gave out a bunch of money to student groups. The problem with that system is that it leaves out funding opportunities for many student groups.


There are only so many hours in a day, so SGFB could only see a set number of student groups within a given weekend. The new SGFB code allows for funding to be given to student groups from September through February. The new system is more forgiving: If a student group forgets to sign up for a hearing time or sends their application in 15 minutes late, they won't be out of luck for the entire next year. They will simply be pushed to the next funding cycle. This year, using the new system, we have already given funding to seven student groups.

Recently, there has been some confusion surrounding SGFB and Club Sports. SGFB has never been allowed to fund (or de-fund) Club Sports. The SGFB code states (and always has) that we cannot fund Club Sports. When SGFB was created, it was decided that SGFB would not help fund Club Sports because SGFB only funds student groups that are open to any and all students. SGFB felt that although club sports are a very important part of campus life, they are not inclusive enough to receive funding from SGFB. The new SGFB Code did nothing to change that fact.

SGFB understands that student groups are the pulse of campus. They keep campus energy high and allow students to expand their horizons and find what truly interests them. SGFB wants to help student groups whenever possible, because we know how truly valuable they are to our campus climate.

Ellie Roberts, chair of SGFB