On a vast campus such as CU-Boulder's, many things can become overwhelming, especially trying to find where one belongs.

By developing a campus with greater diversity, students can meet diverse individuals and groups and find one's niche much easier. To help impact and support students' development, the Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity (SORCE) was established by students as a resource to create a space for all students -- inclusive of underrepresented students. It's a group where everyone can interact and find a place of belonging; a place like home.

Here at SORCE, we are a community that believes in having students reach out to current and prospective students from multiple classifications of diverse groups.

Prime examples of outreach are campus tours and college student panels provided to elementary and high school students, hosted by current CU students (staff and student volunteers). These visits provide prospective students from diverse communities an opportunity to experience the campus and hear from others who are also underrepresented.

These tours occur throughout the year. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about the diverse groups on campus and to learn how to be an ally for diverse groups. We offer various programs, including high school conferences via our partnership with the Boulder Valley School District as well as offering the CU-Boulder Women and Men of Color Institute for CU students.


SORCE takes initiative in catering to students' needs with free bi-weekly "chili pots" and the "study slams" during test weeks where food, students and unity are bountiful.

Not only is SORCE a resource for use of the computer lab and the printing, it is also the place where students can relate to others just like them and learn more about others different from them.

With the new school year settling in, we welcome everyone back to SORCE and invite anyone new with open arms. Come eat, come volunteer, or just come chill here at SORCE; the more the merrier.

Don't hesitate to interact with any of the staff because we are students just like you and our directors are lively too.

Serving students since 1999, SORCE continues to work and support underrepresented students, so their education is a personal and powerful experiencethat results in supporting students as they move into their professional endeavors.

For more information about SORCE please visit our website at colorado.edu/SORCE or email your questions and concerns to benjamin.nguyen@colorado.edu.

Ben Nguyen is a junior studying molecular cellular developmental biology and he is SORCE's inner-campus liaison.