I've been a student at the University of Colorado for almost five years now, and every year, I watch as students struggle to find their place on a campus of almost 30,000.

At first, there is almost too much going on to be able to fully grasp all of the different things you can get involved in; it is overwhelming. Then, after the first couple of weeks, it seems like it's the exact opposite: the halls are empty, the signs have disappeared, and the tables disappear; there is almost nothing.

All any of us want is to find a place on this campus that we can call a home away from home, a space that makes the days go by faster, or feel easier, a place where we can fall asleep, or vent about our classes — a safe space to be ourselves.

Not many students have heard about the Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity (SORCE), and even fewer are probably aware of the services we provide, but those that have tend to stick around. SORCE's mission is essentially to create a home away from home for underrepresented students on this campus, but it also welcomes everyone that is looking for a place to call their own. We are all about access and success.

Maybe you are the type of student who is looking to do something meaningful in the lives of those that aren't as fortunate as you; if so, then we welcome you to become a SORCE volunteer. Through our outreach programs, we give tours and student panels to underprivileged K-12 students from all across the United States. These are students who just need a little bit of inspiration, support and hope, students who need to see that they too can make it as far as we have.


Maybe you're the type of student who is just looking for a place to hang out, have a good conversation and network; if you are, please stop by! Between the student staff of six and the two professional staff members, we are connected to almost every other resource center, student group or program that CU has to offer. We provide free printing, blue books, food and community building events. This week we are hosting what we like to call SORCE week, a week full of events focused on retention and student development. Most of the events will take place in UMC 227, and we would be honored to see you there.

On a campus of almost 30,000, it is so easy to fall through the cracks, but we don't want that to happen to you. Stop by, let's hang out, eat and find our place on this campus together. See you soon!

Quen Ameyaw is a fifth-year senior studying International Affairs at CU and is SORCE's On Campus Youth Outreach Coordinator