The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (RMPJC) is taking positions on three ballot issues in Boulder and is supporting ballot initiatives banning or putting a moratorium on fracking in a number of cities along the Front Range.

In Boulder, we support 2H, which will put a five-year moratorium on oil and gas development in Boulder and on city-owned open space in Boulder County through June 2018. The current method of extraction of oil and gas is called fracking.

The RMPJC opposes fracking because it is harmful to our health and environment. Gas companies use about 1,000 chemicals in the fracking process; many of these are toxins that contaminate the soil, air and water. In communities that are being fracked, people are getting ill. See for more on health effects of fracking chemicals.

The RMPJC also endorses ballot initiatives banning or putting moratoria on fracking in Broomfield, Lafayette, Loveland and Fort Collins.

Go to for more information or to volunteer on anti-fracking measures.

The RMPJC supports municipalization of Boulder's electricity, and therefore opposes ballot issue 310, the XCEL Energy-backed proposal and supports the City of Boulder's proposal 2E.

According to Empower Our Future (, a municipal utility will be superior to XCEL in terms of rates, reliability, renewables, local control, local generation and local economic development.


Here are some facts from Empower Our Future:

-"Municipal utilities have a better record for reliability and response time on average than the large investor-owned utilities." (Source: American Public Power Association.)

"The City's Phase-1 analysis found that a municipal could maintain rates, at or below Xcel's, while including between 50% and 60% renewable (wind, solar, etc.) energy from a Boulder utility. This analysis found this would reduce our utility's CO2 emissions by 54% to 69% in 2017 for the low-cost option plans."

"Our municipal utility would have a local governing body with representatives from local citizens and businesses that would be more responsive to the interests of Boulder City and County residents and businesses than a corporate governing body meeting in Minnesota (Xcel)."

"Some of the money, currently diverted to out-of-town power plants and out-of-state coal mines, could be kept here locally in the community for distributed generation using solar or low-emission, bio-fueled Combined Heat and Power (CHP)."

We urge a no vote on 310 and a yes vote on 2E for a cleaner energy future.

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