Coming to the University of Colorado, students will be juggling different aspects of their lives. Between academics and the opportunities on campus, time management is an essential tool to balance demanding schedules. One student leader who understands this balance is Lily Au Yeung.

Lily is a senior with a double degree in business with a focus in human resources management and psychology. On top of her academic pursuits, she is a part of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority Inc., Diverse Scholars Program (DSP), First Generation Program (FGP), Academic Excellence Program, Multicultural Business Student Association (MBSA), Multicultural Greek Council and UMC Board.

"We strive to help females find leadership in themselves and to be academically strong on this campus (in Sigma Psi Zeta)," Lily says. As a social, cultural-, educational- and philanthropy-based organization, they have a national philanthropy of combatting violence against women. One of their main events is Take Back the Night — a week of events to raise awareness about domestic violence.

From these different organizations Lily has developed her time management and leadership overall. DSP, FGP and AEP have really supported her when it comes to being academically strong, she said, while MBSA has shaped her professional career. These programs have paved the path for her to be successful as she graduates.


Beside her academics and career, she has gained insight through the diverse UMC board and understands the behind the scenes work required for such a board. In addition, Sigma Psi Zeta Inc. has had the most impact on her because it has made her grow as an individual, she said. Without this organization she would not be the leader she is today.

Furthermore Lily believes that students are here at the university first for their education, and second to be exposed and gain awareness of issues that happen on this campus and across the world. Students can learn about the power of their voice and the strength in numbers. When individuals come together, you can create change, develop awareness and educate others on important issues, she says.

"Students have a much larger voice than they're aware of, and it is important that we utilize that voice to share our opinions, concerns and ultimately make a difference."

Struggling through her own life, Lily shared how her sophomore year was her most stressful year. She explained how at first she wasn't exactly at the university for academics until someone had to remind her that she was a student first and didn't come to CU to major in extracurricular activities. She wanted to make a difference so she thought that being everywhere would help her make that difference. She realized that to help others she had to help herself first so with the support of her sisters in Sigma Psi Zeta she began to focus on her future.

Being a student leader can be difficult because balancing responsibilities is no easy feat. Although Lily has realized that she should focus on herself and her future, her ultimate goal is to still be active as a leader.

"I want to make a difference whether it is in my community or in individuals."

Ben Nguyen is a Junior studying Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology and is SORCE's Inner-Campus Liaison.