As a freshman coming to a university with more than 25,000 undergraduates, I felt like a speck of sand on a beach. With so many clubs and activities the school had to offer, you could say that I was a little bit more than overwhelmed. I needed to find an organization where I could make a large impact on not only the CU campus, but also the Boulder community as a whole. I have always been interested in government so I decided to see how I could get involved in our student government, and thus found myself on the CUSG Freshman Council.

I know you all have heard the spiel about how the University of Colorado Student Government has one of the largest budgets in the nation at over $20 million. Most people just find it an interesting statistical anecdote and end up blowing it off like it isn't a huge deal, but ladies and gentleman, a $20 million budget is a huge deal. As a freshman, it is pivotal to pay attention to CUSG, because most everything you may want to become involved with over the next four years through cost centers, student resources, student groups, sports clubs, performance arts teams, or events are connected to CUSG through finances or legislation.

So, what are some things CUSG does for freshmen? CUSG's main responsibility is to fund and work with the several cost centers and student resource centers across campus. These include the GLBTQRC, Rec Center, Women's Resource Center, Student Legal Services, Volunteer Resource Center and Cultural Events Board, to name a few.

In addition to managing the cost centers and student resource centers, CUSG lobbies on behalf of the student body at the state capital, and also at the local level. Recently, CUSG has been lobbying the City of Boulder to put in new street lamps all across the Hill to make it safer for students who are going out at night.

CUSG is a strong voice of the student body; we are always advocating for you, our peers, when it comes to the school administration, the state government and the local government. We are fighting for you, class of 2017, and want you know that we are a resource and an ally.

Colton Lyons is on the CUSG Freshman Council.