This February, University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG) will be launching its new website, featuring several modules aimed at modernizing and enhancing communication with students in order to better serve them.

The rollout of this redeveloped website is part of CUSG's initiative to improve CUSG transparency with the student body, educate students about the function of CUSG and increase student voice in CUSG affairs. The website will feature exciting new components, such as a slide show updating students with CUSG's latest blog posts, a calendar featuring events put on by CUSG and its supporting student groups, and new resources to help student become involved around campus.

One of the most exciting elements of the new website will be a new online system called "Unite the Buffs," where students can directly inform CUSG about what issues they want to see addressed on campus. With this new module students will have the opportunity to go online and create a petition that brings an issue on campus to attention. To create a petition, a student writes a summary of the problem and addresses how they would like to see that problem changed. From there, this petition will be published on the "Current Petitions" wall, and if enough Buffs choose to endorse it, then CUSG elected representatives will take immediate action to address the problem.


This newfound collaboration between the student body and CUSG ensures that the representatives and staff of CUG are working toward finding solutions to the most prevalent and urgent problems on campus.

As one of the largest and most autonomous student governments in the nation, it is vital that CUSG communicates with the student body in order to accurately represent student opinion. CUSG's investment in a new website that opens up dialog with students reflects our goal to collaborate with an educated student body. The representatives and staff of CUSG are very enthusiastic about improving CU. Through the effective use of the new CUSG website, these dedicated civil servants will now have to opportunity both receive more feedback from students than ever before, but also to share their progress and achievements to an informed student body.

The launch of the new CUSG website — coming later in February — is the beginning of a new, much needed, era for increased communication and collaboration between CUSG and the student body.

Visit later this month to check it out and be heard.

Shawn Sweeney is the CUSG director of multimedia and technology.