Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan

I can't wait for Friday — I get to spend the whole day with my crush, hearing about all the naughty things he's been up to ... and maybe taking part in some naughtiness, myself.

That guy from the gym? No ... I'm talking about Frank Underwood.

(OK, maybe "crush" is a little strong. "Weirdly attractive sick freak" is probably more appropriate.)

Ah, Netflix: honorary Valentine to singletons everywhere. They're releasing season two of the sexy, twisted "House of Cards" on V-Day, and the show is so enthralling you won't even remember you're single.

But that's not the only thing to look forward to the next few days. Single or no, there's a lot happening to enjoy Valentine's Day — or, at least, to survive it.

For my ladies: in the spirit of Leslie Knope from "Parks and Recreation," gather up your best girlfriends Thursday and celebrate "Galentine's Day." Enjoy some ingestible endorphins at Piece, Love and Chocolate. And, lucky us, Galentine's falls on a Thursday this year — treat yo'self to some Rio margs and then head to Absinthe House for free Ladies' Night drinks. Celebrate the awesome gals in your life by accepting free drinks to financially cripple the patriarchy.

If you've got a sweetheart (or a promising new Tinder match,) prep for Friday night shenanigans by finding the perfect makeout playlist. 8tracks and Spotify are excellent sources for the perfect tunes to set the mood. If you feel like getting creative and making your own, might I suggest some Arctic Monkeys? Breaking out your inner Alex Turner will be sure to make any girl (or guy, be honest) swoon.


Most V-Day celebrations (and pity parties) involve wine in one way or another. My date last year was a nice Merlot who treated me oh so right. We all know wine drunk is the best drunk, but ain't no pain like a wine hangover. Fortunately, the Boulder International Film Festival is rolling in to town, and there's a whole day of programming for Buffs, called CU@BIFF, to help you recover. Get some 11 a.m. hair of the dog at Shine, where the first event will be script readings from some of my favorite movies, including "The Big Lebowski." If the afternoon is more your style, CU@BIFF will be playing selected shorts from the festival at large starting at 1 p.m. Bonus? These events are free, and they've worked out some sick deals for students who want to attend the big show.

Sometimes V-Day can feel more like VD, but it doesn't have to this year. Nerd out, get your freak on, and do right by that heart of yours.

Jess Ryan is a community manager and CU grad. She writes about nerdy things once a week for the Colorado Daily. Follow her at