"A regional nuclear exchange of 100 15-kiloton weapons ... would produce unprecedented low-ozone columns over populated areas in conjunction with the coldest surface temperatures experienced in the last 1,000 years, and would likely result in a global nuclear famine," according to Chris Schneidmiller, Global Security Newswire.

Does Donald Trump know this? He has casually thrown away 70 years of bipartisan national security consensus and says that he wants Japan, South Korea and other countries to get nuclear weapons. Joseph Cirincione in an article this week in Politico Magazine pointed out that Trump has suggested that it was "only a question of time" before other countries get nuclear weapons. On the contrary, Cirincione goes on to say, under U.S. and international pressure, more countries have given up nuclear weapons or weapons programs in the past 30 years than have started them.

Anna Perina and Tim Hegedus in "ThinkProgress," wrote this week that in appearances and interviews throughout the campaign, Trump has shown that he is erratic and reckless in temperament, unfamiliar with the basic responsibilities of American security and global leadership.

Does it make you shudder to think of the possibility of this man carrying the nuclear football, a euphemism for the briefcase to be used by the president of the U.S. to authorize a nuclear attack?

The editors of Korea's Joong.ang Ilbo wrote: "The nuclear armament of South Korea and Japan could trigger the collapse of the nonproliferation regime by sparking a nuclear domino and deal a critical blow to the US interests. We are dumbfounded at such a myopic view of a leading candidate in the US presidential race who tries to approach such critical issues only from the perspective of expenses."


Cirincione points out that Donald Trump's nuclear policies would "reverse course, roll back the progress we have made over the past decades, ending any hope of reducing nuclear dangers." He added, "we are already on the brink of a nuclear arms race. (Trump) would hit the accelerator."

Maybe Trump needs to hear it from Republicans. From heritage.org: President Reagan laid out his vision clearly: "We seek the total elimination one day of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth." And, Reagan also said, "Everybody would be a loser if there's a nuclear war."

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