In response to Monday's article "Students describe 'brainwashing,'" highlighting Resurrection Church's cult-like campus ministry:

Thankfully this is not the norm for campus ministries here at CU Boulder. I find that the Wesley Fellowship is quite the opposite. We are a LBGTQ-friendly, nonjudgemental Progressive Christian Fellowship offering free yoga on Mondays, feeding the homeless on Saturdays, and Nature Church on Sundays among other weekly events. It is full of bright and lively, open-minded students. The fellowship has been on campus almost 100 years and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

It is extremely sad to see that this one other particular church took advantage of college students, and I sincerely hope that we will not let it taint the image of the other Christian groups here on the Boulder campus. My heart goes out to all the people negatively affected by this situation.

Nick Whittemore is a student member of Wesley Fellowship