ColoradoCare fights bureaucracy

I won't go into economic analysis, comparative nation studies, or even the ethics behind ensuring everyone has access to medical coverage in the state of Colorado. Many more capable individuals have done an exemplary job of paving the rational road toward public health care. What I hope to focus on is a lesser-made argument, though none the less for it. ColoradoCare, aside from ensuring no one has to spend hours on the phone disputing dishonest billing practices with a spineless bureaucrat, is that all of those bureaucrats would actually be forced to participate in our democracy, do something meaningful, and actually live a meaningful life. Think on this carefully. You have at present an army of fools and charlatans whose sole responsibility is finding loopholes to deny coverage, explain why you were charged $700 for treatment that should have been covered, and at the same time sequestering literally billions away from hospitals, citizens and progress.

Public health care destroys these parasitic organizations. All of that money can effectively be put back into our pockets, back into the pockets of those actually providing us with medical care, and by getting rid of the middlemen, we can deal honestly and faithfully with our doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. It would usher in a world of renewed democratic practices, and fellow-feeling — the very thing we are desperately lacking today.

I say if we cannot hang every greedy CEO by their overpriced neckties, then at the very least create an entity that would rightfully put them out of business.

Vote yes on 69, because really, who says no to a 69?

David Segalchik, Colorado


Vote Paul Danish for county commissioner

I hope every Boulder County voter will visit before choosing our next county commissioner. Paul Danish has experience at the job and has been living in the county since 1947. He has been both a Democrat and a Republican and was the author of managed growth in Boulder in the 1970s.

As you drive along the hundreds of miles of roads in Boulder County, contemplate the following: Is it sustainable or efficient to sit in traffic? Does starting your day and ending your day stressed out build a sense of community for workers and students? Are potholes simply a nuisance for someone in a car, but life or death to a biker? The population of Boulder County has increased by 25,000 since 2011. With no slowdown in sight, another 25,000 people will likely join us by 2020. Paul Danish has a robust plan to maintain, repair and upgrade our county roads for bikes and cars, students and taxpayers.

Paul Danish will focus on roads and other local issues using the taxes that the county currently collects. He is an open-minded, can-do candidate, and best of all, none of his family members gets substantial funding from our government. Please vote for Danish for commissioner.

Jeannine Harrington, Boulder

Boulder should lead with muni project

I would like to acknowledge and appreciate all of the work that the City Council and the Energy Future team have accomplished for our lovely community.

I think that it is absolutely fitting for us to pursue a municipal utility so we can tap into renewable energy much faster than the city's monopolizing energy company, Xcel Energy.

I do understand that this will bring a transition that will take adjustment and care to implement successfully. But I believe it's much better to take action now than to take action later.

There are already plenty of cities across the United States and the world that are pursuing and/or living the 100 percent clean energy life such as Aspen, Copenhagen, San Francisco, and Munich (

I came to Boulder to educate myself and thrive in a city that reflected and respected my beliefs about the environment. I came to Boulder with the idea that my city would be a leader in sustainability and care.

I did not come to Boulder to watch corporations monopolize the energy industry and hinder the global community from being progressive. I did not come to Boulder to watch my city be a follower.

It will take time, it will take work, but the muni project will propel our city and our world towards a better future for us all, and it will prove to the rest of Colorado and the world that Boulder cares and takes action. The sooner that we take the action, the sooner that we can finish the action. We are not a passive community, and climate change is waiting for absolutely no one.

On behalf of the youth, the community, and the world, let us put this plan with muni into action and make our city the best that it could ever be.

Petra Rudisill, Boulder

We cannot wait to phase out coal

I am a student at the University of Colorado concerned about the future of the environment in our community. Electric generation that spews millions of tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere is already showing extreme impacts. We must pursue decarbonization now. We can't wait until all the coal in the earth is burned up. Our current electricity provider, Xcel, is committed to burning coal for years to come with no regard for how it will affect our future. As a young person, I will be one of the many who must deal with the consequences of our actions today.

I believe the best way to reach our decarbonization goals is through municipalization. As a member of this community concerned about our environment and the future of my generation, I believe a locally run utility is the most effective path toward rapid decarbonization. Thus, I urge our City Council to push forward toward the formation of a municipal utility.

Victor Lemus, Lafayette

Election feels fishy

The emails are real. They DO exist. They DO show massive collusion between the media, the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Wikileaks has earned a global reputation for deeply verified, highly accurate publishing. The DNC, however, just used an admission of election fraud as a legal defense. This is nothing short of abhorrent.

On Super Tuesday, I witnessed establishment obstructionism up close and personal as a Sanders precinct captain. The "malfunctions" of the MiniVAN canvassing app during the previous weekend would play out as a prelude to a kiss ... of death.

The vice chair of our local un-democratic party was running my precinct with the help of a solitary volunteer. Despite an obvious bottleneck created by having two tiny desks and two people to sign in EIGHT precincts (not counting the standard-practice troubleshooting table), they REFUSED to allow anyone to help. I offered twice myself, then I sent in people from my precinct — three of them, on two separate attempts. The other Bernie captains had all offered their help as well. All were ignored. The Clinton captains (all two) just stood there smiling like Cheshire cats the whole time. Gee, I wonder why.

We, the Bernie captains, physically TOOK the roles, clearing the half-hour bottleneck in minutes. The Big Shill lost almost two to one — a loss that got bigger at the county level, and bigger yet at the congressional and state conventions. They STILL ignored us, and Bernie.

Colorado is an important swing state. I'm swingin' a hard left. I cannot condone election fraud, not even for fear of the man who is an obvious bout-thrower, a personal friend of the Clintons ... a man who is simply too intelligent (yet disgusting) to be accidentally tanking his campaign at just the right time.

I'll be damned if they ignore me going forward. BUST!

Kevin Brewton, Colorado Springs