Casting blame

The Democratic Party would serve itself better to concentrate on the mistakes it and Hillary made rather than casting blame outside the campaign. This should begin with reappraising the undemocratic anointment of Hillary as the best candidate to put forward despite her glaring weaknesses and unfavorable polling. Bernie Sanders recognized and utilized these in his insurgent campaign. The party was able to ease by in the primary, but this did not bode well for the general. Conservative talk radio has been sliming both Obama and Hillary for years, and its message is heard all across Middle America. Also, in retrospect, hoping for the succession of a woman president immediately on the heels of a black one was a bridge too far for the racist and chauvinist elements within the American psyche.

The Clintons' soaring, post-presidential rise in fortune, particularly in the face of decades of wage stagnation for most Americans, should have been red-flagged from the beginning, as should have been the ill-advised plying the machinations of the Clinton Foundation within the Department of State. Then, on the campaign trail, Bill's stroll across the tarmac to visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Hillary's arrogant, elitist description of half of Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables" will have political pundits shaking their heads for years to come. Donald Trump's fortunes are built on his mastery of manipulation, but this was all too easy and, for the Democrats, it was a well-earned defeat.

Robert Porath, Boulder