CU and the TexCal Northeastern Reserve Nomads

When I matriculated at CU in 1953, a convocation was held for freshmen at Macky Auditorium. The audience was asked to cheer loudly when their state of residence was announced. Coloradans were well behind Californians in decibel level, which in turn was dwarfed by the roar from the freshmen from Illinois. Hence the reasoning behind we native Coloradans referring to CU as Illinois Western Reserve University.

I see in the Daily's sports section that of the football recruits or potential recruits for 2017, the vast majority are out-of-state ringers, most of whom are from California or Texas. Judging from the residential origins of the football recruits, perhaps the regents should rename the team the TexCal Northeastern Reserve Nomads.

On a related note, 14 of CU's 24-person ski team are not American nationals. I suppose this is merely a peripheral and largely unintended consequence of globalization as practiced by the Establishment Elite situated at Wall Street and in Foggy Bottom.

Dave Morton