During the past year, we have been barraged with allegations of Russian hacking of emails that exposed questionable actions by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. Last June, WikiLeaks announced it was going to release emails from the DNC. Before the release, Russia was accused of hacking the DNC.

WikiLeaks then released the emails that exposed the DNC's dirty tricks used to undermine the Sanders campaign in the Democratic Party's primaries. Later, WikiLeaks released a huge trove of emails from John Podesta, chairman of the 2016 Clinton campaign, that further exposed dubious practices by Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, her campaign and government officials.

Since last July, the claim that Russia was behind the hacking has grown shriller and shriller. When Donald Trump became president, after first blaming the FBI director for her loss, Clinton then blamed Russian hacking and WikiLeaks.

The mainstream media, Democratic Party leaders and U.S. security agencies have been obsessively pushing the narrative of Russian interference in our political process despite presenting no solid evidence of Russian hacking. In fact Julian Assange, founder and director of WikiLeaks, denied receiving the emails from the Russian government. In addition, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity have also presented evidence challenging the allegation of Russian involvement with the emails, pointing out that a DNC insider leak is far more likely than a foreign hack.


Many Americans express outrage that a foreign nation could intervene in our political process. However, most people show little to no concern when Israel intervenes in our political process mainly through the efforts of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. This group blatantly lobbies for Israel with impunity. It even drafts legislation supporting Israel that its lackeys in Congress introduce.

Perhaps more shocking, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before Congress in an audacious attempt to undercut support for President Barack Obama's diplomatic approach to Iran. In addition, there were numerous examples of Netanyahu statements that supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

Moreover, there is little outrage when the U.S. intervenes in another nation's political process. Of particular relevance is the 1996 Russian election when President Clinton strongly meddled in the re-election campaign of Boris Yeltsin.

The U.S. has often supported military coups against democratically elected leaders in the Western Hemisphere. The 1954 coup in Guatemala and the Sept. 11, 1973, coup in Chile provide two horrific examples. A few examples outside the Western Hemisphere are the intervention in the 1948 Italian election and the coups in Iran in 1953 and in Ukraine in 2014. Somehow, these interventions pass by without much outrage here.

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