Some people enjoy a cold beer, some people enjoy a mixed drink, but what most people should be enjoying is locally-distilled organic vodka.

Vodka 14 of Boulder Colorado has been around for about two years and has been enjoyed by thousands of Boulder locals. It is an organic vodka that can be found all around town.

Matthew Baris and his father started the company. Baris says he was just relaxing, about to crack open a beer when a friend of his told him he was in the mood for vodka. The friend was querying with Matthew about why no local vodka distillery existed. And then, light bulb in Matthew’s head illuminated.

Baris went to his father with the idea to start an organic vodka distilling company.

And, Vodka 14 was born.

Most vodka the typical consumer imbibes is European imports, according to Matthew. So, to have a locally owned and distilled company making the vodka adds another notch under Boulder’s fame-filled belt.

Vodka is all about purity, according to Baris. And, their organic vodka can guarantee that purity.

There are no chemicals added or agents to help distill it, he says. It is pure as the driven snow.

Organic vodka is very uncommon. Vodka 14’s Web site boasts that they blend the finest, purified organic grain with the purest Rocky Mountain Spring water. These combined, gives Vodka 14 a pure and refreshing taste.

When Baris started up the company, he says he got some tips from his grandfather, who was a vodka distiller in Russia. Looks like vodka runs in the Baris’ blood.

Vodka 14 is bringing to the table some new spring recipes for the people to enjoy. Caipiroska 14, Lemon Drop Martini 14 and Fuzzy Peach Martini 14 are a few of the delicious concoctions to make a refreshing drink.

To find more information about the vodka, visit Also, Vodka 14 is represented in many restaurants and liquor stores around Boulder, says Baris. The Leaf, a vegetarian restaurant, has many recipes for taste-bud-tingling drinks which include Vodka 14.

One must always remember that the purity of vodka is of the utmost importance, says Baris.

“Organic is going to mean purity in a beverage where purity is a paramount importance,” he says.

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