Boulder Theater’s ghost
Boulder Theater’s ghost

Things go bump in the night at the Boulder Theater.

That’s because the venue’s resident ghost turns the lights on and off, makes phantom appearances and swings open the bathroom doors.

The theater’s ghost is named George Paper, and his surge of recent appearances convinced the venue to change the name of its new next-door pub to George’s Food & Drink.

Sarah Coffield is the theater’s marketing manager and she talked to us about George the ghost and the new pub.

Q: What is George’s Food & Drink?

A:George’s is the Boulder Theater’s ultimate pub.

We always wanted to have a place that would serve food and drinks — and where you could easily access the theater’s performances.

Q: Why was the name changed to George’s?

A:We originally called it the Lounge, because we wanted to have a name that had a comfortable feel — a place where you knew people and could chat with the bartenders.

We decided to change the name when the ghost of George Paper started showing up.

Q: Who was George Paper?

A:George was the manager of the theater, and he passed away here in the 1940s.

Rumor has it he was doing some rigging on the stage and accidentally hung himself.

George started showing up when the theater was doing renovations in the’80s. People could see figures, lights would get turned on and people could “feel something” in the green room.

Q: What hauntings has George been up to lately?

A:We really started feeling George this summer.

People started to “see things.” Our talent-buyer saw a ghostly, male figure dash and duck down in the pub. He ran over to check it out — and ran like hell upstairs.

I’ve had experiences where lights have turned on and off at the main bar. I walked away and ran up the stairs.

The house manager was closing up one night, looked up to the balcony and saw a man dash down the stairs. He freaked out.

George also likes to show up in the bathrooms.

I’ve seen the door to the men’s bathroom swing back and forth by itself. The sinks in the women’s bathroom have turned on and off by themselves.

That happened to me when I was in the stall — and I was thinking, “Get me out of here!”

Q: That said, why should people visit George’s Food & Drink?

A:We just started serving contemporary comfort food.

We’re now serving things like pulled pork, soups, cornbread, mac and cheese and butterscotch pudding.

George’s is a very unique space. It’s cozy and it has a great menu — and there’s a cool story behind it.