EXTREME SPORTS: Hit the bowls before the pool

The Boulder Skatepark at Scott Carpenter Park is a throwback to the dawn of skateboarding. A time before handrails and stair sets; a return to the golden age – when skating the bowls reigned supreme.

Located at the corner of Arapahoe Aveneue and 30th Street, the Boulder Skatepark boasts an array of features, whether on a skateboard or on inline skates, no matter the intensity or skill level of the rider. A few of the more popular aspects of the park are the three connected 10-foot bowls on the backside of the park and the 3-foot beginner’s mini-bowl located upfront. The bowl sections are ideal for developing speed and creating unique lines.

The vibe from the local skaters at the park is similar to that of a jam-band. Each rider feeds off of the energy from his or her peers, inspiring the progression of tricks.

Local 14-year-old ripper, Dakota Mead-Shikaly, is always stoked to ride with his crew.

“It just makes me want to do something sick to show them up,” he said.

Mead-Shikaly is an excellent representation of just where the sport is headed, as he recently placed first in the Spring Fling Competition at the Boulder Skatepark in April.

It’s an incredibly humbling experience for any skater to watch a kid half your size (or half your age for that matter) rip around the park with the tenacity and skill level you can only dream of.

The sport is getting younger but the art form remains the same.

Veteran shredder Mike Schlauch has seen first hand the timelessness of skating.

“We started out riding our woody’s around the neighborhood and then eventually taking our boards to the park. Back then all the boards were ten inches wide and were made for cruising the bowls…skating vert is definitely making a comeback,” Schlauch said.

The younger generations are certainly beginning to fade back into the styles of yesteryear.

With a plethora of groms pumping around the park, it seemed only natural to get a few of them to give their best one-word descriptions of the Boulder Skatepark.

Curly haired Ky Lotte described the park as, “sweeeeet”.

Fittingly, a blonde haired grommet named Motown gave me a childish grin and in his best Jerry Garcia impression said, “old-school”.

To avoid the heat of the summer and the afternoon crowds at the 16,000 square ft. facility, show up early for a much more relaxed morning skate session. Just be sure to avoid the early morning BMXers who are there from 7-10 a.m.Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit with you for those scorching midday skate adventures. The Scott Carpenter Pool is located adjacent to the skate park and is the ultimate place for an afternoon dip (Free swim from 1-4 p.m.).

And one more word of advice for you readers: Get out there and rip, but don’t even think of getting in my way…

Admission is free. The Boulder Skatepark is open from sunrise to sunset all summer long and is located at 1505 30th St just before Arapahoe.

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