Jimmy John’s closed for E. coli investigation
Jimmy John’s closed for E. coli investigation

A University Hill sandwich shop was closed Wednesday after Boulder County Public Health linked the restaurant to an E. coli outbreak that hit a sorority house last month.

Jimmy John’s, 1125 13th St., was temporarily shut down as a precautionary measure after the health department determined that several people who became ill from the bacteria had eaten there. Chana Goussetis, spokeswoman for the health department, said the county isn’t sure if the restaurant is the source of the E. coli.

“Quite a few people who were sick had eaten at Jimmy John’s, but we’re not sure that is the source,” Goussetis said. “It was done to make sure no one else got sick. All the food workers are getting tested, and we’re making sure there is new food.”

Last week, the health department investigated a cluster of eight E. coli cases at the University of Colorado. Of the eight cases, seven were CU students and one was a sorority adviser. Most of the affected students were members of the same sorority, which CU officials declined to name. Goussetis said those cases were linked back to Jimmy John’s.

At least two of the victims have secured legal representation.

Goussetis said the county is now investigating 17 cases of E. coli, but not all are linked to the restaurant.

The strain of E. coli bacteria is one of the most common, according to health officials. The key symptom is bloody diarrhea. Though the illness is typically mild, in rare cases the strain can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome, resulting in acute kidney failure.

The bacteria can be transferred when people handle food after going to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands.

A nationwide E. coli outbreak in 2006 was linked to spinach, but Goussetis said the county isn’t sure if a certain food is responsible for the outbreak.

A sign outside the restaurant Wednesday read, “Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks, Jimmy John’s.” The health department couldn’t confirm that the store would be open today, or exactly when it will be open.

A statement from the company read: “Like other restaurants in the Boulder area, we are working with the health department as they investigate the E. coli source. As anyone who has been in a Jimmy John’s can attest, we take cleanliness very seriously. We routinely monitor our food suppliers and we have the highest quality standards in the industry. We are confident that we will open soon.”

Goussetis said, however, that her department is not working with any other restaurants regarding an E. coli outbreak.

According to the health department, there has been a rise in E. coli cases in Boulder County this year. The county has had an average of seven cases in the past, but it has seen 25 cases this year. Numbers are up statewide as well, Goussetis said.

The health department is asking others with E. coli symptoms to see their doctor or contact the department at 303-413-7500.

Archived comments

“She also said the county is now investigating 17 cases of the virus, but not all are linked to the restaurant.”

Since when is E. coli a virus?


10/8/2008 7:28:03 PM

Last week I posted a comment indicating that E. coli should not be spelled E. COLI. So they got that part correct.

Slow learners…journalism majors.



10/8/2008 7:42:44 PM

bad sandwiches – sick customer or not – the place is not very good


10/8/2008 7:45:14 PM

Yes, E coli is a virus.Great job Daily Camera, I sure hope the CU Journalism school puts articles like this on the projector to demonstrate how not to write articles.


10/8/2008 8:06:33 PM

Maybe they should change their name to “Jimmy’s John.”


10/8/2008 8:37:13 PM


October 30, 2008

…has opened at 1125 13th Street in the space formerly occupied by Jimmy Johns…


10/8/2008 9:21:28 PM

JJ’s is a case study in how to run your business. Extremely fast, cheap and yummy.This is unfortunate.


10/8/2008 9:24:57 PM

This kind of thing happens in Boulder.


10/8/2008 9:50:57 PM

I ate there last week and I got sick.Didn’t know this was the source.


10/8/2008 10:09:57 PM

Why the hell would anyone eat at JJ when you could eat a REAL SANDWICH at Deli Zone, or Half Fast? Heck, it’s probably your parents money anyway. Might was well eat somewhere good.


10/8/2008 10:10:42 PM

“Yes, E coli is a virus.”

E. coli is not a virus. E. coli is a bacterium. Great work, journalism critics.


10/8/2008 11:00:54 PM

So essentially what we have here is an employee who took a crap, got his crap on his hands, and then used those crap-covered hands to make you a sandwich.Clearly some mad skilz going on over at J.J.’s.


10/8/2008 11:19:36 PM

Wow, I thought hepatitis was what you got from peeps not washing after going to the bathroom.Didn’t know E. Coli originated from the same behavior?

10/9/2008 12:19:17 AM

Another impromptu edit to ignore their ignorance. E. Coli is no longer a virus. Good job, DC.


10/9/2008 12:59:08 AM

I think their sandwiches were good. Its too bad some dirt bag working there had to have poop on their hands.


10/9/2008 3:00:19 AM


The source could just as easily, and more likely, have been the meat. If you’ve ever seen how a factory slaughterhouse functions, the poop flies, literally.


10/9/2008 5:47:15 AM

Illegal aliens.

They just don’t know


10/9/2008 5:51:31 AM



10/9/2008 7:27:07 AM

All the “restaurants” on the Hill have had health related problems. Just check the County Health Dept website: you don’t need to eat at Half-Fast Subs to get sick – reading the inspectors report will be enough.


10/9/2008 7:34:38 AM

Where will people get sandwhiches on the hill now?


10/9/2008 8:02:21 AM

Nothing like a little Mr. Hankey on your turkey sub


10/9/2008 8:09:54 AM

they probably don’t change the mayo frequently enough- many sub shops don’t! EWWWWWWW


10/9/2008 8:32:12 AM

Getcraz, e coli isnt found in Mayonnaise


10/9/2008 8:48:03 AM

A person still has to have the E Coli BACTERIA in their system to transfer it. If a non E coli holding person did the same unhygenic thing, you wouldnt get sick.

Hate to say it, but it usually happens with HISPANIC food preparers. Read the news if you dont believe that.


10/9/2008 8:46:58 AM

You’re taking a risk if you eat on “the Hill.”


10/9/2008 8:51:16 AM

antiboulderite, you are a true idiot.The racist part simply augments you stellar personality!

10/9/2008 9:18:16 AM

its not racist, its just a fact. How is it Racist when I havent said anything derogatory regarding another race? Its a fact!


10/9/2008 9:20:45 AM




10/9/2008 9:28:07 AM

Darn it. I wonder if there’s a vending machine or convenience store coolernearby where I can get a sandwich of equal or better quality. Jimmy Johns has to be the worst sandwich chain in town. It makes Subway seem tasty by comparison.

10/9/2008 9:29:53 AM

“At least two of the victims have secured legal representation.”

You might want to consult with a doctor instead…

10/9/2008 9:59:59 AM

I’m having trouble following the logic.

There were some E. coli cases a MONTH ago.

They’re not sure Jimmy John’s was the source.

But they shut Jimmy John’s down a few DAYS ago as a “precaution.”


10/9/2008 10:19:37 AM

I did some research and was very surprised to see the number of restaurants in Boulder County which have received the worst rate of “unacceptable”

Go here:


10/9/2008 10:34:46 AM

The Jack in the Crack outbreak was caused at the slaughterhouse, not from franchise employees. Read Fast Food Nation (much better than the movie). In n Out is the only acceptable fast food restaurant to eat at, too bad they don’t franchise but that’s probably why they are tops.


10/9/2008 10:48:39 AM

ok rhinolips.. who works at slaughterhouses??


10/9/2008 10:57:31 AM

windpower: I was shocked too, I think I’m not eating out ever again! 😉

As to VKberlin and antiboulderite: can you please hold the racism at least for this post…

A couple of things to mention:

boulder county jail has a rating of excellent, most restaurants on Pearl have a rating of unacceptable!

Many of these place(mtn sun, jimmy johns) have white college kids and not Mexican’s preparing the food.

10/9/2008 11:04:30 AM


you are never more than 200ft from a Mexican, will you be able to handle this?

Any other race you have issue with? do you eat at Chinese restaurants?

where did you get your KKK hoody?

10/9/2008 11:07:07 AM

who works at slaughterhouses??

apparently antiboulderite Somali’s also work at slaughter houses, and I heard even a white American here and there…

And I have to ask… given your name on this post,do you live in Boulder County?

10/9/2008 11:09:52 AM

Your logic is flawed, it’s the process and not the person.Poopy hands are poopy hands no matter your skin color.


10/9/2008 11:11:36 AM

antiboulderite, *everyone* has E. coli in their gut.

Your statements not only highlight your racism, but your ignorance of basic biology as well.

Most strains of E. coli are not only harmless to humans, but necessary to our digestive processes.

If BCPH is able to track down the strain and source of the E. coli responsible for these illnesses, then I predict it will be found to be from meat (most likely beef) that was not processed, stored, handled, or cooked properly.


10/9/2008 11:11:56 AM

Thanks for posting that link, windpower.

It’s an eye-opener for sure!


10/9/2008 11:20:00 AM

Half Fast Subs, for example, has 13 critical violations and is rated UNACCEPTABLE to eat at.

They should be required to post their inspection report in their window when they receive that kind of disgusting rating!


10/9/2008 11:21:10 AM

The source of slaughter house contamination of meat by E. coli is from the gut of the slaughtered animal, not from human handling. And with ground beef, even a small bit of contamination (ie: poo) can be spread throughout the meat from many animals.

This is why it’s generally safe to eat a rare cooked steak, but risky to eat ground beef that’s not well done.

Most of the contamination can be easily removed from the surface of a steak with a quick rinse and the remaining bacteria are killed by cooking. But with ground beef the contamination is on every bit of the meat and cannot be easily rinsed off therefore requiring cooking all the way through to kill the bacteria.

Yes, when you eat a burger you are most likely eating cow poo.


10/9/2008 11:25:43 AM

Okay, so let’s see how the authorities handle this. There are eight confirmed cases of the bacteria and the department refuses to name the sorority.

But when they only suspect a restaurant they have no problem naming names.



10/9/2008 11:27:08 AM

I knew their signature item, the toilet-paper turd wrap, could be trouble.


10/9/2008 11:56:39 AM

Ive been working at jimmy johns for over 2 years. I currently do delivery only, but when i started i made sandwiches for a few months, so i know this place inside and out, and i have to say that we are by far the cleanest restaurant on the hill PERIOD. We follow strict health guidelines, did you know that anyone making food on the hill is supposed to be wearing gloves ? As far as i know we are one of the only places that follows this rule. Also part of the training we get ingrained into us is that you wash your hands all the time. After you touch money, even before you put on gloves. Not to mention the fact that we are constantly cleaning and disinfecting everything from the tables to the bathrooms. Now let me respond to some of the comments ive seen above.

“Why the hell would anyone eat at JJ when you could eat a REAL SANDWICH at Deli Zone, or Half Fast? Heck, it’s probably your parents money anyway. Might was well eat somewhere good.”

-are you serious, half fast and deli zone are disgusting, they have major consistency problems, not to mention how unsanitary those places are. Also they seriously skimp on ingredients.

“they probably don’t change the mayo frequently enough- many sub shops don’t! EWWWWWWW”

-Wrong, next time you go into the store look at how we have the mayo set up, we have a scooper that we keep in cold water and the mayo in another tub, we replace the scooper and the tub with cold water every few hours, and we make enough sandwiches so the mayo also gets changed every few hours.

“im having trouble following the logic.

There were some E. coli cases a MONTH ago.

They’re not sure Jimmy John’s was the source.

But they shut Jimmy John’s down a few DAYS ago as a “precaution.”

– Agreed, this is ridiculous, i want to know how they narrowed the list down to just JJs, im sure that the sorority girls got interviewed and not all of them could have eaten only at jimmy johns, maybe its a coincidence that a majority of them ate at JJ’s, but im sure they ate at some other places.

Also the BCPH people that ive dealt with dont really seem to know what there doing, its almost like someone is breathing down their neck to figure out the source, and they just pounced on the first place that they could.

My managers/owners have worked really hard to build up their reputation, and i know for a fact that they run a very tight ship, in terms of consistency quality and cleanliness. I think they are being unfairly targeted, and im sure that the result of their investigation will be negative, or worst case, the result of something out of their hands like bad meat or tomatoes.

this reminds me of the investigation into that frat (forget the name) that rufied some girls, and the tests initially came back positive, resulting in all of the frat members getting disbanded and having nowhere to live, and then the tests came back negative, exonerating them to late to have any effect.

btw: the sorority is AKO


10/9/2008 12:01:16 PM

oh no! the hipster delivery kids won’t be able to ride their track bikes and pretend to be messengers!!


10/9/2008 12:10:36 PM

Rhinolips, you cant pass ecoli to someone unless its in your system. Some people carry it dormant.

If someone without ecoli in their system has poopy hands, its not going to infect anything.


10/9/2008 1:04:29 PM

antiboulderite, there’s nothing “dormant” about the E. coli in your gut.

Maybe McDumbya could give you a couple of pointers on how to use “the google”.

Clearly you’re one of those dragging down the city’s average.


10/9/2008 1:27:09 PM

Really, if you think about it, the Fundementals of our economy are strong. We have just gotten greedy. All the creative financing and unethical business dealings are to blame.


10/9/2008 2:15:44 PM

I’m still holding by my statement that I got a mild case of food poisoning from this place.I would suspect something further up the supply chain, though, and not necessarily the restaurant.


10/9/2008 3:02:57 PM

antiboulderite–“cyclist in gay spandexed”.What the f, you have to bash gays now in your rave??Have you even thought about WHY cyclists might wear spandex?Have you even thought about WHY there are so many cyclists in Boulder and WHy this might be a good thing?According to your rant, it’s bad to drive an SUV but also bad to be a cyclist.Or is that just cyclists who don’t dress like you want them to?Talk about morons:when I read this forum I really understandhow a freakshow like Sarah Palin has popularity.Before you espouse your incredible intolerance, look at yourself–are you such a bargain??


10/9/2008 3:32:32 PM

I’m totally confused as to how believing a certain group of people not washing their hands makes someone racist.Does not washing your hands make you somehow inferior?It’s bigoted, but not racist.(Seriously, if you’re going to call someone a name at least get it right.)


10/9/2008 3:45:23 PM

antiboulderite using “gay” as a put down to cyclists, and anyone for that matter, shows you how stupid antiboulderite is…not that the rest of his/her comments couldn’t draw the same conclusion.


10/9/2008 3:47:48 PM

Antiboulderite – you should consider moving to some place you like.

Sorry to hear about this.i love Jimmy Johns.And I will still eat there.

S**T happens


10/9/2008 4:00:57 PM

kidding about the mayo… didn’t mean to get yall in a tizzy. everyone-take a deep breath. You aren’t


10/9/2008 4:01:28 PM

I know it seems ridiculous that the BCPH is just now closing a restaurant, when the sickness began a couple of weeks ago. Please read this from the CDC about timeline for reporting of cases:

As you can see, it can take weeks to identify the source of contamination. All we can do for now is make sure we use good hygiene practices, cook meat thoroughly, and wash all fruits/veggies. Oh, and if you’re pooping blood, please see a doctor ASAP.


10/9/2008 5:22:47 PM

i LOVE jimmy johns.. please reopen it


10/9/2008 5:32:39 PM

Good News ! Jimmy Johns is open for business. Although, the only employees allowed to work must be cleared of the E COLI virus, which means that their test must have come back negative. All the employees were tested on wed or thurs.


10/10/2008 2:16:18 PM



10/10/2008 2:39:49 PM

To everybody reading the comments of WhosYourDaddy, please let it be known that his comments regarding Half Fast Subs are blatant lies.

This is an individual who many years ago decided he did not like our advertising and began writing letters to the city insisting they yank our liquor license.

He was also a vocal and extremist member of UNHA, the group responsible for the now dismal vacancy situation on The Hill.

His comments regarding the Health Department ratings are OUTRIGHT LIES, but since he can veil himself in anonymity, he can lie through his teeth in this format.

As the owner of Half Fast Subs, I invite anyone concerned about his comments to please call or visit us so that we may allay any concerns you might have as a result of his comments.

The problem with this format is that it allows respondents to spew any kind of vitriol out into a public forum with absolutely no regard for what may or may not be true.

WhosYourDaddy has not once over the years had the courtesy, decency, or backbone to even once attempt to contact Half Fast Subs.

Instead, he prefers the safety of his moronic moniker to propel his agenda of disregard for the truth.

Please consider the source when you read his comments.


10/11/2008 2:38:27 PM

ummm… happytobeinboulder, here’s what Boulder County Health has to say about your establishment:

(one out of 5 stars)

“Unacceptable rating: At the time of inspection the establishment could have more than five serious critical violations associated with cooling, reheating, cooking, refrigeration and hot holding equipment, cross contamination between raw animal foods and ready to eat foods, employee hygiene and other items with risk index values of 20 and/or could have one or more secondary critical violations with risk index values of 5-15, as well as some non-critical violations. If an imminent public health hazard is present, immediate corrective action and/or closure of the establishment will be required. The risk index range is 100 and above.”

That inspection was on 1-15-08. It’s true the issues were corrected before follow up inspections, but it does make me wonder what your sanitation would be like without the threat of further inspections hanging over your head.

The fact you were foolish enough to post your tirade without first checking the facts also makes me question your fitness as a business man.

For what it’s worth, I have no real issues with Half Fast Subs. I went there once in the summer of 2004 and found the service to be unacceptably slow, and the product to be substandard so I have never gone back. Clearly, that’s just my opinion, but you were the one who opened yourself up to criticism with your apparently unwarranted attack on WhosYourDaddy.


10/12/2008 12:35:45 PM

rlopes, yes, I live in the city of Boulder. Im just not a Boulderite.

Boulderites are selfish, eco trend embracing, cell phone talking, cyclist in gay spandexed, suv driving, whole foods shopping, vegan loving, tibet freeing “save the whales” morons.


10/9/2008 1:10:23 PM

Anyone can get it from contaminated water and unhygenic farm living conditions. Which is probably why hispanics can be symptomless CARRIERS. Especially Illegals becuase they dont get the health testing which is required to get legal documents. Its been PROVEN that in most HISPANIC food prep places in restaurants, there are more e coli situuations, like the ones in the west coast when Jack in the Box fast food places got shut down. It was about a 90% HISPANIC food team for most of the restuarants, and about 12 resturants had the E coli in the food.


10/9/2008 9:31:11 AM