FORECLOSURES Properties sold at the Boulder County Public Trustee foreclosure auctions for April 1. The listing shows: property address; highest bidder; amount owed; sale bid.

1932 Sundance Drive, Longmont; Gaylen R. Miller Living Trust; $819,264.69; $445,501

1805 23rd St, Boulder; Wells Fargo Financial Colorado Inc; $295,397.03; $260,000

818 S. Terry St., No. 84, Longmont; First Horizon Home Loans, a Division of First Tennessee Bank National Association; $160,974.78; $160,974.78

1235 Tamarack Ave, Boulder; Wells Fargo Bank N.A., as trustee for Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2003-5 Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2003-5; $388,438.34; $388,438.34

439 Evergreen Way, Nederland; Colorado Housing and Finance Authority; $269,656.95; $269,656.95

2241 Dexter Drive, No. 2, Longmont; National City Bank; $985,07.38; $98,507.38

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