With the snow melting and the trees budding, people are starting to take their running shoes out of the closet to prepare for this year’s 31st Bolder Boulder.

Hundreds of people turned out on Saturday morning for the first in-person registration at Dick’s Sporting Goods at Flatiron Crossing to sign up for Boulder’s famous Memorial Day 10K foot race.

Last year, 54,000 people from around the world registered for the race, and this year’s tally is on pace to be just as large based on Saturday’s turnout and early online registration, said Cliff Bosley, the race’s director for the past 11 years.

Bosley has seen the Bolder Boulder grow in size and popularity over the years, because his father — Steve Bosley — was the race’s founder.

What sets the Bolder Boulder apart from other foot races is the way it’s scored. Steve Bosley wanted to make a race for kids, so he devised a scoring system where people run in various waves, but they only get scored against people of the same age. In this way, whether a runner is 7 or 70 years old, they’re still competing on a more equal playing field.

Steve Bosley also wanted to increase the number of medals, so instead of only awarding medals up to third place like most races, the first Bolder Boulders awarded medals up to 10th place. Today, medals are awarded up to 15th place in each age group, totaling to more than 2,200 medals awarded last year.

People who showed up for the first day of registration at Dick’s had a chance to get running advice from a Bolder Boulder celebrity — Arturo Barrios, who has racked up four first-place medals. Originally from Mexico, Barrios has lived in the Boulder area for 23 years, but has only competed in the four races that he won.

“I still run, but I don’t compete — I want to go undefeated,” he said.

People who missed registration on Saturday still have plenty of time to sign up. The Bolder Boulder store will be open until May 22 in the Twenty Ninth Street Mall in Boulder, and there will also be a traveling registration booth in Denver-area Dick’s Sporting Goods through May.

Registration packages start at $42, which, among other things, includes a Bolder Boulder T-shirt, snack pack, in-race Gatorade refreshment and a radio tracker to give each participant their exact mile-by-mile results.

People can also use a text message service provided by Verizon Wireless to get any runner’s results sent to their cell phones.

The Bolder Boulder may have some of the most modern scoring technology, officials said, but many people run just to have fun.

“It’s always a great feeling to enter the stadium with 40,000 people cheering — you feel like you won the race,” Barrios said.

But he also has a larger appreciation for the event.

“It’s not just a race, it’s a community event,” he said. “People forget about everything for that weekend.”

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