Mark Leffingwell
Boulder High School student Zaira Aviles, left, teacher Tupa Westphal, and student Manny Corchado jog into Eben G. Fine Park while training for the Bolder Boulder earlier in the month. Westphal started the International Bolder Boulder Running Club to help at-risk students train for the race.

BOULDER, Colo. –

For the first time in the history of the Bolder Boulder participants have permission to bring their iPods or other music players out on the course.

But runners and walkers are encouraged to listen to their inspirational tunes at a volume that will allow them to be aware of their surroundings.

The annual Memorial Day 10K is once again expecting over 50,000 entrants and race officials encourage everyone on the course to adhere to some basic rules of etiquette to make sure everyone crosses the finish line happy.

1. Do not run or walk more than three abreast

As fun as it might be to do the Bolder Boulder side by side with a large group of friends, don’t do it. It makes it difficult for others to pass and is very inconsiderate.

2. Choose the right lane

Walkers should walk on the right side of the course — the natural slow lane — with runners passing on the left side of the course. Slower runners should be yielding to faster runners to help with the flow of the race.

3. Courtesy call

When passing other participants, let them know you’re coming by calling out “On your left!” as you approach and “Thank you!” as you go by. You can pass right up to the finish line, but don’t be offended if someone passes you.

4. Don’t spray it

If you really feel it necessary to spit, it’s better to move off the course to avoid hitting any of your fellow runners.

5. No sudden stops

Bending over in the middle of the race to tie your shoe could lead to getting run over by the unsuspecting pack behind you. And you don’t want to start off chain of Tour de France-style crashes. Move to the side of the course before stopping for any reason.

6. Proper pit stops

Water stations can get crowded, so don’t stop suddenly or cut others off while getting your refreshment. Throw your cups off to the side and not in the middle of the course. And thank the volunteer who hands you your beverage and will likely pick your discarded cup up off the ground.

7. Baby got backpack

Unless you’re ready, willing and able to tote your baby in a backpack or some type of upper body harness, please don’t race with the little one. Strollers, baby joggers, wagons and anything else with wheels are prohibited.

8. Man’s best fan

Fido can congratulate you when you get home. Pets are not allowed at the Bolder Boulder or on the CU campus. The only exception would be a seeing-eye dog.

9. No bandits

Do not try to run the Bolder Boulder unless you have paid for the event. All registered participants will receive a bib, which should be worn on the front of your shirt. And when you cross the finish line continue to moving until it is safe to come to a complete stop.

10. Remember the holiday

Unless you have somewhere important to be after finishing your race, please take your sack lunch into Folsom Field and witness the Memorial Day Service out of respect for those Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. A full stadium also makes the professional athletes feel good about all the hard work they’ve put in over the years. And you will still have all afternoon to enjoy after the Bolder Boulder is finished.

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