Scott Kimball
Scott Kimball


The identification of human remains found last week in eastern Utah with the help of an FBI “cooperating witness” in Colorado could take up to two weeks, the Grand County, Utah, sheriff said Tuesday.

Sheriff Jim Nyland said the remains were found March 11 in a remote canyon about 5 miles west of the Colorado border, north of Interstate 70. Nyland said a search of the area was conducted at the request of the FBI in Denver, the Boulder County, Colo., District Attorney’s Office, and other Colorado law enforcement agencies.

Nyland said Scott Kimball, a 42-year-old Boulder native serving a 48-year sentence for theft in Boulder County, claimed there were two bodies in the area.

The possible victims are Leann Emry, 24, and Jennifer Marcum, 25, of Colorado, Nyland said.

Emry, of Centennial, Colo., and Marcum, of Denver, disappeared in 2003.

A search of the Utah canyon area for a second victim is pending, Nyland said.

In May, the FBI in Denver said it was investigating the disappearances of Emry and Marcum as well as of Kaysi McLeod, 19, and Terry Kimball, 60, who also lived in the Denver area. At the time, the FBI said the victims had known connections to Scott Kimball.

The three women disappeared in 2003. Terry Kimball, Scott Kimball’s uncle, disappeared in 2004.

Kaysi McLeod’s remains were found by hunters in northwestern Colorado in September, FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright said.

Nyland said Scott Kimball went to the Utah area in handcuffs with law enforcement last week. Kimball has not been charged in the disappearances.

A call to Lynn Anne Pierce, Kimball’s attorney in a pending federal weapons case, was not immediately returned Tuesday.

Wright said the Utah search was conducted at the FBI’s request. She declined to elaborate, saying it is an ongoing investigation.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett also declined comment.

Kimball pleaded guilty in December to felony theft and being a habitual offender, leading to the long prison sentence, according to court documents.

In a 2006 affidavit for a search warrant filed in federal court, an FBI agent said Scott Kimball was a cooperating witness with the agency in Marcum’s disappearance. The affidavit was filed to seek information into the disappearances of Marcum, McLeod and Terry Kimball.

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It is a shame that the FBI let Kimball out of prison as an informant under the guise of protecting these witnesses and Kimball took the opportunity to allegedly kill the very witnesses he was to be protecting.Why did the FBI let this killer out of prison unsupervised? That is what we should be asking.Now they are not charging Kimball in the crimes so who did he testify against or is it just the FBI is trying to clean up their mess.This is all very sad.


3/17/2009 5:43:36 PM

g4c, what?


3/17/2009 7:46:26 PM

great insight G 4 C !


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