BOULDER, Colo. –

A man who called police to report that someone pulled a gun on him was arrested after admitting he was trying to steal an iPod, according to Boulder police.

Brett Mitchell, 20, of Denver, called police at 7:13 p.m. Thursday to report that he had been skateboarding in the 200 block of Canyon Boulevard when the driver of an SUV honked at him and pulled a gun, police spokeswoman Laurie Ogden said.

When an officer asked why the driver might have threatened him, Mitchell paused, then said he was skateboarding in the middle of the street, according to police. When pressed, he admitted he was confronted after trying to steal an iPod from a car parked next to the SUV in Settler’s Park.

Mitchell was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass and on a warrant for failure to comply.

Police are continuing to investigate but wouldn’t say whether they’re looking for the SUV driver.

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Cool. I hate people who steal! Prison for 10 yrs min I say!

4/3/2009 1:33:43 PM


But apparently [alleged] criminals ride skateboards.

Still, pulling a gun in the middle of downtown because a stupid kid was stealing an ipod shows questionable judgment. Nobody’s gonna come out good on this one.


4/3/2009 1:39:15 PM

A gun for an IPOD. What’s happened to this town? You all need to stop running down Longmont because we are exactly the same here.


4/3/2009 1:44:18 PM

How did they arrest him when he never stole anything? Stupid kid should have just kept his mouth shut though.


4/3/2009 1:51:31 PM

One bad lie demands a better one.

For if/when the SUV driver is found he better deny, deny, deny that there was ever any gun involved at all. (Hey, the ‘skateboarder’s lied already so he’s ‘still’ lying!)

But of course that’s a very big ‘if’-for Boulder cops are lucky if they can find their own @$$es with both hands.


4/3/2009 1:53:45 PM

Police wouldn’t say if they were looking for the SUV because they know they are incapable of locating it.


4/3/2009 2:07:06 PM

This kid is a couple of bricks short of a full load. HE called the cops after attempted theft?


4/3/2009 2:24:31 PM

iPods don’t play music, people do…


4/3/2009 2:30:47 PM

This is news?

Didn’t 13 people just get killed by a mad man….I rather hear news that, well is news worthy.

4/3/2009 3:07:15 PM

I needed a good laugh.

4/3/2009 3:13:20 PM

Stealing music should be punishable by death.Good job, Mr. SUV driver!


4/3/2009 3:23:21 PM

Another SK8R punk goes down.

Rack ’em and stack ’em.


4/3/2009 3:27:49 PM

Posted by johnbarleycorn-

“How did they arrest him when he never stole anything?”


You think they should let attempted bank robbers and murderers go because they failed as well?

Maybe having a gun pulled on him will knock a little sense into him.


4/3/2009 4:00:13 PM

The fact that here is another “Hair Trigger” Vigilante on the loose seems to be of no concern?

Bear witness to the Golden Age of Moral Relativism….


4/3/2009 5:15:49 PM

Over privileged Boulder kids! I tell you… if it was in Longmont, they’d be trying to steal the whole car.


4/3/2009 5:57:05 PM

Notice the BPD nails an iPod thief over a perp who carries a loaded firearm in his car and points it at people. So glad the BPD have their priorities straight.


4/3/2009 5:57:53 PM

Sickening – BPD probably arrested this kid so they could claim a success. You guys are right, it’s too hard to find a real criminal in Boulder. Better to be thought police who arrest someone for admitting to thinking about something illegal. Easier to catch. See if this kid EVER calls the police again, no matter WHAT he sees.


4/3/2009 6:23:28 PM


But apparently [alleged] criminals ride skateboards.

Thats like saying alleged criminals drive a car…..


4/3/2009 6:25:16 PM

Guns Guns Guns – this fictional account had really no value until the Camera noticed there was a Gun involved. It is a repeating theme for the Camera.

Salinger – You’ve made your own point. In Boulder, skateboarding IS a crime. Any alternative transportation where TAXES are not collected spells trouble for Boulder. Bicycles and Buses are TAXED. Skateboarding is a crime.

Longmont has skateboard parks and riding a skateboard in downtown is not worthy of a court appearance.

So where’s the guy with the Gun? Was there a Gun at all? This would be a heinous Headliner in the DC if it had been in Longmont. Guns and Skateboards are commonplace. According to the DC, Longmont is the Skateboard and Gun Crime capitol of Boulder County.


4/3/2009 6:48:34 PM

Skater calls cops, admits attempt to steal. Dumb.

SUV driver leaves, cops drop charges because skater recants story, won’t incriminate himself, and there is no evidence. Priceless!


4/3/2009 10:37:03 PM