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Ann Marie Sherman
Ann Marie Sherman

BOULDER, Colo. –

A 50-year-old transient female is in the Boulder County Jail after police said she repeatedly entered a University of Colorado student’s apartment bedroom and stole her clothes, backpack and towels.

Anna Herring, 21, called police to her apartment in the 1100 block of 28th Street about 7:40 a.m. Thursday after she saw an unknown woman leaving her roommate’s bedroom out a back patio door, carrying some of her roommate’s belongings, said Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley.

Herring told police what the woman looked like, and officers found someone matching that description on the 28th Street frontage road a short time later, Huntley said.

After some difficulty, police identified the woman as Ann Marie Sherman, who said she was just taking back some things that had been stolen from her. Sherman told police that a Native American man lived in the apartment and had been stealing from her.

“We don’t believe that to be the case,” Huntley said. “There is no evidence that these woman were stealing from this woman.”

Herring, who lives in the apartment with two roommates, told police that she thinks someone had been in their apartment on several occasions because she first noticed some things out of place about 5 p.m. Wednesday. Because one of her roommates was out of town â the one who was missing things â Herring said she thought maybe that roommate had cleaned before leaving.

But, after spending the night alone in the apartment, Herring told officers she awoke to find more things moved around and one of her roommate’s doors locked. Herring said she heard blinds in the locked room rustling about 7 a.m., and she went out back to see an unknown woman carrying a sweater, backpack and towels.

When Herring confronted the woman, Huntley said, the woman replied, “Don’t worry, this is my friend’s stuff.” Herring told the woman she was calling police.

Sherman was booked into the jail on suspicion of second-degree burglary, first-degree trespassing and theft.

Huntley said it’s not clear whether Sherman is suspected of spending the night in the apartment or just coming and going.

Archived comments

I think I’ve seen that old goose nosing around at BPL Central Branch/drop-in center, pecking at the keyboard, online gambling etc.Looks like she decided to do a little hunting and gathering this morning, perhaps building up her nest.Hilarious, as usual.


7/24/2009 3:55:25 PM

“Sherman told police that a Native American man lived in the apartment and had been stealing from her.”


The old indian trick.. didn’t work this time did it?


7/24/2009 3:55:53 PM



7/24/2009 3:56:34 PM

Boulder is the Detroit of cute liberal towns


7/24/2009 4:11:33 PM

I’ll bet she was pretty hot and worked it for everything it was worth – like 30 years ago!!


7/24/2009 4:28:40 PM

Better have that room deloused.


7/24/2009 4:42:21 PM

By the looks of her upper lip, this lady looks half-chimp, half-human.


7/24/2009 4:48:24 PM

Hard life…if she’s 50., I’m 500


7/24/2009 4:57:09 PM

Just another Python skit, it’s like Eric Idle and John Cleese wrote the Camera today.


7/24/2009 5:08:49 PM

She HAS had a hard life.She’s very confused, but mostly harmless.She is mentally ill and stays mostly in economy hotels on the 28th St Frontage Road.She has a sweet disposition and has never been belligerent in my presence.She means well, but messes up.For instance, once I saw her accidently knock down a pigeon’s nest (no baby birds) trying to cool them off in the Summer’s heat by throwing cups of water on them.She deserves to be picked up for breaking, entering and stealing, to be sure, but she REALLY needs SERIOUS mental health care.


7/24/2009 5:09:19 PM


The United Nations called and James Earl Jones is not available to come to the phone but Darth Vader is in the office today if you want to speak to him about political asylum from the oppressive government of Canada(she knows what I am talking about)


7/24/2009 5:19:08 PM

“Dr.” Churchil’s girlfriend breaks up with the esteemed 0.0075th Indian?


7/24/2009 6:20:30 PM

Come, come pishan, don’t put her down that way.She really looks like she needs help.


7/24/2009 6:46:16 PM

Ann is a long time Boulderite. She is a member of the community. She’s not a criminal as much as confused. Our society has closed mental health treatment and traded it for private prisons. Ann doesn’t need jail, she needs people to care.

Boulder needs people who care. Ann doesn’t realize that Boulder only talks a good line, but really wants everyone below a certain income level in jail or just out of Boulder.


7/25/2009 4:01:57 AM

I work at a hotel on the frontage road to 28th street. Anne Sherman stayed here and seemed very deranged. She was in a room and payed cash upfront. When she proceeded to check out several items belonging to the hotel, we questioned her and she became so upset with the staff that she would start screaming with no warning. After a week of her there, she called the front desk after calling 911. She said that her belongings were stolen and to have us call the FBI. For the first time this was when the police didn’t fill us in. I guess it was because she seemed a little weird. Our staff finally had to escort her off the premises because of her mysterious acts. She is now on our DO NOT RENT list, and i warn all that provide her with a room to beware.


7/25/2009 9:54:22 AM

Just another excellent example of a homeless person with severe mental illness who ought to be in a group home — except that most such residential facilities have been done away with.

She’s likely to be a victim more often than a perp.


7/25/2009 10:33:04 AM

Get rid of her. Deport her from the town. If she’s that screwed up, that’s her problem. I carry a taser and mace on me at all times. If a transient comes near me even just to smile and say hello, I will unleash the fury of hell upon them.


7/25/2009 1:14:18 PM