Boulder hip-hop duo 3OH!3 performs on MTV's "Spring Break 2009," airing next week.
Boulder hip-hop duo 3OH!3 performs on MTV’s “Spring Break 2009,” airing next week.

BOULDER, Colo. –

Boulder’s 3OH!3 and rising hip-hop star Asher Roth have taken over MTV’s “Spring Break 2009.”

These acts may be newbies on the musical block, but MTV execs are pumped to feature 3OH!3, Roth, Lil Wayne and the All-American Rejects on the network’s annual spring fling, which takes place at Panama City Beach, Fla., this year.

“3OH!3 is one of the band’s that really popped out quickly,” said Eric Conte, a production vice president for the network’s college outlet, mtvU. “We were setting things up for this filming and two college kids wanted to know when 3OH!3 would play.

“No other acts mattered to them. They were very passionate music fans.”

Even if you’re stuck in Boulder for spring break, you’ll be able to see all these up-and-coming MTV acts on your TV or online.

The music network will show the performances on MTV, mtvU and MTV2, starting Monday and running through April 5.

“These performances are made for college audiences,” Conte said. “College audiences are like a crystal ball for new music.

“It’s great seeing all these artists take off like this. After Asher Roth was on MTV’s Woody Awards, he skyrocketed. Thank goodness we listen to our audience.”

Colorado’s 3OH!3 and Roth are poised for MTV stardom, so here’s the latest info on both acts — before you watch “Spring Break 2009.”


3OH!3 is Boulder’s tongue-in-cheek hip-hop duo. This act isn’t just taking off — it’s becoming a phenomenon.

The group’s selling out shows wherever it plays. This is the act that’s putting Boulder on the musical map.

“We just came back from Europe, where we opened shows for Katy Perry,” 3OH!3 co-founder Sean Foreman said. “People went crazy for us there.”

“It’s been great exposure. We’d go out and dance during Katy Perry’s songs. One night we raided her costume drawer and ran out on stage.”

If that wasn’t exciting enough, 3OH!3 is heading out on the nearly sold-out AP Tour. The tour starts Friday, and the Fox Theatre’s April 8 date is already sold out.

“We’ve been having some pretty amazing things happen,” Foreman said. “Now we’ve got some things set up with MTV.

“They just flew us down to Cancun to see about us working on the ‘Real World’ song intro. Then we got to perform for MTV’s ‘Spring Break.'”

Foreman said he believes MTV could be 3OH!3’s golden ticket to a wider audience.

“All this MTV exposure will really help broaden our market,” Foreman said. “Nat (Motte) and I have done a lot of the groundwork and I think MTV will help speed up the process.”

3OH!3 is working on all its options.

“We’re at a good level now,” Foreman said. “We haven’t forced the envelope and we’ve tried to stay true to our fans. It all spread by word of mouth.

“Nat and I always want to maintain focus and keep on top of what we’re doing.”

Asher Roth

College life and pizza have been very good for Asher Roth.

The young rapper headlined the Fox Theatre on Wednesday night, but he’s quickly becoming a major star on MySpace and MTV. Roth’s university rap “I Like College” is now launching the young performer to instantaneous fame.

That’s why Roth headed down to Panama City for MTV’s “Spring Break 2009.”

“I like to encourage a new perspective with my music,” Roth said. “I want people to be themselves, genuine and have fun. In the end, being known as good person is more important than being known as a rapper.”

So how did Roth do the research for “I Love College”?

“I went to college and while I was there I got to experience all this freedom from parents and authority” Roth said. “A lot of people can relate to no rules and wild-outs.

“Don’t get me wrong, education is very important, but people really need to flex their social skills in college. That’s what it’s about — being able to talk and relate to people.”

Interestingly enough, Roth’s new CD, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, will drop April 20 (4/20). The performer admitted that wasn’t an accident.

For now, Roth’s psyched to be featured on MTV’s “Spring Break 2009.”

“This will really give people the chance to get introduced to me and my new project,” Roth said. “MTV said they really wanted to get involved, so it was a no-brainer to go down there.

“This will build a nice foundation to launch the new record.”

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