BOULDER, Colo. –

Has the snow set you back this morning? Has is put a kink in your spring-break travel plans? Or, is this record-breaking storm a spring dream come true?

The Camera is looking to talk to people in the Boulder County area about their snow experiences and plans. If you have a comment or a story about the storm that you’d like to share, please contact Camera staff writer Vanessa Miller at 303-473-1329 or or staff writer Heath Urie at 303-473-1328 or

Archived comments

Man, I feel a flu coming on, or maybe pneumonia. I am sure that I’m going to be home sick from work tomorrow when the snow stops and there is more than a foot of powder on Eldora. Just a coincidence I’m sure.


3/26/2009 12:01:01 PM

I’m home and puttering at the computer — because what’s waiting for me is . . . the shovel.


3/26/2009 12:26:40 PM

Can’t see far enough to shovel.Stay in if you have a computer and cable.

3/26/2009 12:44:34 PM

Just snowshoed to the grocery store for provisions…I work at home. No problems here.


3/26/2009 1:18:51 PM

Blizzard Party!!!!!!!


3/26/2009 4:04:12 PM

I rode around on my bike for a few hours this afternoon.It was a great time…the only problem was the guy who got angry at me for riding on the shoulder.It was the one clear part of the road, and apparently he felt entitled to it in his Subaru.


3/26/2009 4:38:22 PM

Waiting for stories about pileups on the Diagonal.People are going WAY too fast for the icing conditions that are developing.


3/26/2009 5:18:04 PM

I had a rehearsal in Englewood tonight and ended up cancelling it.Luckily I did my grocery shopping yesterday and so we have a full bounty at the house and no reason to venture out in the mess.

I personally hate snow.Hate isn’t too harsh of a word; I actually wish physical harm on snow and that it has a hard and short life.Sometimes I kick it and laugh at its pain.


3/26/2009 5:23:17 PM