Fast and Furious

Soundtrack, Various Artists (Interscope/Star Trak)

Soundtracks rarely make this much sense, but the compilation for the new “Fast and Furious” film is a natural accomplice to an action movie about fast cars: It’s juiced up and larger than life.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker re-team in the new sequel for the first time since they were paired in 2001 for the original “Fast & Furious” movie.

Yet the star of the soundtrack is Pitbull, the Cuban-American rapper who has commanding lead vocals on four cuts (five counting a remix). He and other performers also add irresistible Latin flavor (the movie is set in Los Angeles and Mexico), grinding through a spattering of Spanish lyrics plus heady percussion that whirls around the high-voltage electricity of the hip-hop/dance grooves. The Neptunes’ Pharrell unleashes Pitbull into the churning banger “Blanco,” which is offered in bilingual and “Strictly Spanish” versions, while Lil Jon steps up with yelps and “yeahs” in support of the tenacious rapper on a manic “Krazy.” Pitbull also gets assistance from Tego Calderon, injecting a shot of lust into the machinery of the Latin-electro “You Slip, She Grip,” and singer Robin Thicke’s high, soulful voice adds balance to the rapper’s hard drive over the mad cadence of “Bad Girls.”

The collection is rich in non-Pitbull material, too: Opening cut “Bang,” by Rye Rye, is a full-throttle roll of fractured, marching drums and surreal vocals; Busta Rhymes leads the attitude-filled strut of “G-Stro”; Shark City Click pounds through the chunky arrangement of “Head Bust”; and Kenna’s “Loose Wires” is tethered to heavy bass and a grainy rope of electronica.

Chuck Campbell, Scripps Howard News Service