Cars heading into Boulder on March 17 pass the new Cherryvale Bridge, which is taking shape across U.S. 36. The $2.7 million project is on schedule, and could even be finished early, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.
Paul Aiken
Cars heading into Boulder on March 17 pass the new Cherryvale Bridge, which is taking shape across U.S. 36. The $2.7 million project is on schedule, and could even be finished early, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

BOULDER, Colo. –

A revamped Cherryvale Bridge is taking shape across U.S. 36, and the $2.7 million project could be finished ahead of schedule if the warm, dry weather persists.

Construction of the bridge’s girders has forced nighttime closures of the Turnpike this week, and intermittent closures will continue until construction is complete. So far, that’s on schedule to happen by early June, said Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Mindy Crane.

Workers have been helped along by the unseasonable weather since mid-February, when they demolished the original structure, from 1951, Crane said.

“It’s been a huge help. A lot of times in the winter, you’ll have projects that work a week and then have to stop for a day because of snow,” she said. “But that hasn’t been a challenge at all. If we keep going like this we may even be a little ahead of schedule.”

Nighttime closures — from 11 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. — continue through Friday, and future closures will be announced as work on the 40-foot span advances.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll be laying down deck panels and pouring the bridge deck,” Crane said. “Motorists should be able to see the new structure in a couple of weeks.”

Although there haven’t been any closures during morning and evening rush hours, the construction activity and lane shifts on U.S. 36 have slowed down commuters.

“For us, it hasn’t been too bad because we don’t do a lot of driving on the highway,” said Matt Harvey, manager of Domino’s Pizza in Louisville. “But we have noticed the dinner rush starting later because it’s taking people longer to get home.”

Cherryvale Road remains closed to motorists and bicyclists.

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Archived comments

A new bridge for the Bikeys.



3/18/2009 8:34:10 AM

Hey surfhead.

What’s your problem with bikeys? You get beat up by a bunch of them when you were a kid? Mom sleep with one of them while dad was at work? Or was it your wife?

Face it, most of the cyclists are just trying to enjoy life, get a little exercise, minding their own business.

Your constant bickering about cyclists pretty much make you look like a jackass.


3/18/2009 9:06:49 AM

Look like?Actually, he is a jackass.

3/18/2009 9:38:03 AM

For the record, cycling advocacy groups said that the $2.7 million would be better spent elsewhere because the old Cherryvale bridge wasn’t a problem for cyclists.And believe it or not, CDOT has other factors when they consider when planning such construction projects.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Surfey.


3/18/2009 10:29:24 AM

This bridge was old as dirt anyway. I use this road for a scenic route home to Louisville from work in Boulder and have squeezed by a few bicyclists from time to time on this very bridge – it wasn’t a good feeling being that close to a cyclist. Some of us non-cycling drivers are glad to see this being rebuilt just for the sake of safety.


3/18/2009 10:35:17 AM

“the construction activity and lane shifts on U.S. 36 have slowed down commuters”I drove by the project twice on Monday (rare for me to be south of Boulder).I sure didn’t see anyone slowing down in the construction zone!


3/18/2009 10:49:00 AM

jbird – have you noticed the signs that inform drivers not to pass on the bridge?The thing wasn’t unsafe if you didn’t try to “squeeze” by cyclists.Why is everyone in too much of a hurry to slow down and not put others at risk, even on their “scenid route home”?


3/18/2009 1:10:30 PM

I’ve driven over that bridge more times that I can count and it can be very dicey.At one point I had an old Lincoln Continental that took up more of the narrow lanes than it should have so I was always really careful.If I was approaching the slope for the bridge and saw bikes coming I just pulled over and let them go.Never ruined my day, never made me late for anything.No big deal.They were always nice and waved and thanked me.Hell, they didn’t want to see my steel monster bearing down on them any more than I wanted to top that bridge at 45 mph and see them in front of my grill.I’m the first to admit that that sucker was NARROW but you just have to use your brain.People whine too much.Takes less effort to just slow down and THINK.

But it’s good they are replacing it.It’s old, it’s too narrow for the traffic it accepts and it’s a danger because of that.But I can tell you from living near it for so many years that the BIGGER danger is that hairpin curve.People wreck their cars and/or die on Cherryvale on that curve because they are driving too fast.If you don’t know that road you shouldn’t be on it.Marvelous shortcut to avoid Table Mesa.


3/18/2009 4:10:22 PM

Mcmann- putting aside your asinine spell-check jab for a second and moving on to your point where you bemoan drivers who passed cyclists over the old Cherryvale bridge; the fact is that this bridge was barely wide enough for two cars to pass comfortably, (which is why the no passing signs are in place, by the way), it was very old, and it probably should have been replaced years ago. It seems cyclists in Boulder County are very selective when it comes to which traffic laws should be obeyed…

And while I’m on the topic, riders on the Creek Path sure don’t “slow down and not put others at risk”. As a frequent runner of the Path I can’t even count how many times I’ve nearly been hit by some guy who wants me to share the road.


3/18/2009 4:16:11 PM

mcmann, from time to time I passed a cyclist on the bridge by moving into the oncoming lane, thereby putting my own self at risk rather than said cyclist. I’m not going to stop in the middle of the road until the cyclist is finished crossing the bridge – thats plain ridiculous even for Boulder.

This is also a problem with cyclists that ride two abreast – they don’t give a crap about their responsibility or safety but they are the first to cry when drivers violate the rules.

Thanks j-rizzo for your points. I nearly got ran over jogging during lunch by a bike rider today !Coincidence ?


3/18/2009 4:47:44 PM

surfrider – i don’t think you look like a jackass. i find your comments about bikers amusing. keep up the good work.


3/18/2009 7:15:28 PM

I think it’s wonderful that contractors are getting a job done ahead of schedule.



3/18/2009 9:32:18 PM

Why is that every time The Camera posts something about a bicyclist, you morons come out of the woodwork to paint us as the spawn of Satan?

Every cyclist is not the same as every other cyclist.Are you people stupid?Is every Chinese person a basketball player because Yao Ming bounces a ball?You can’t even say “a majority of blah blah blah” because that is stereotyping and I think that is a death penalty offense in Boulder isn’t it?

thesrufrider – I commuted to Golden for a year via that route in a car.The last reason that bridge is being redone is for bikes.There has to be 1000 cars that go over that bridge during either rush hour period.

jbird – When you get in a wreck while passing a cyclist over a blind hill (and don’t argue, yes it is), don’t you think some of the debris hits the cyclist?What is the impact of an entire fender flying at my head when I’m on a bike?Not good.

j-rizzo – I am perhaps the one guy who uses intelligence using the path form Gold Run to 6th Ave; pedestrian, cyclist, runner, whatever.I avoid that thing like the plague because 90% of users are off in Lala Land, with iPods a’ blazin’ so YOU CAN’T HEAR ME CLEARLY SAY “ON YOUR LEFT” … but yet you all seem to yap incessantly about how “every cyclist in Boulder tries to run my over when I’m on the path”.Pull your head out of your sphincters and then get the earphone out of at least one ear.

3/19/2009 2:12:34 PM

***** CYCLISTS UNITE! *****


The Colorado State Patrol is clear that:

1) endangering the life of a cyclist is aggressive driving

2) calls to *CSP to report such behavior made by cyclists are valid and will be taken seriously

3/19/2009 2:13:53 PM