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Times are tight, so bands are finding new ways to get their music to the masses.

Chimaira is a hardcore metal band that decided to take a bite out of the economy by developing the “Spread the Infection” campaign. The press barrage is being coordinated with the release of the group’s new CD, The Infection.

To get things started, Chimaira hits Denver on Wednesday with the Music as a Weapon Tour.

The hard-rock show will feature sets by Disturbed, Killswitch, Engage, Lacuna Coil and Chimaira.

“Chimaira’s always been a band that stood true to its roots and made the music it wanted to make,” guitarist Rob Arnold said. “Now we have the confidence, the songwriting and the production — and that shows on our new CD.

“We were just exploring the music, so we slowed it down and tried some different riffs. The new sound is very sludgy and heavy. It has this new groove.”

Arnold said it’s difficult to promote heavy metal albums, so Chimaira decided to rely on street-savvy promotions.

“If you’re in a metal band, there’s no radio or video channels to get on,” Arnold said. “You basically have to rely on word of mouth and shows. The Internet also gives you a big advantage.”

Chimaira started its new CD campaign at

Now the band’s ready to launch “Phase 2” of its worldwide PR blitz.

“We’re posting radio contacts on the site. Then, we’re asking our fans to call stations in the U.S. and worldwide,” Arnold said. “We also set up a global street team to give some power to our fans — and the response has been incredible.”

Chimaira’s street team can also go online to download stencils, fliers and graphics. The band’s fans already have come up with some very creative PR ideas.

“Our fans have been really using the stencils and logos,” Arnold said. “Some fans have created graffiti art. One fan created logos all over his racing car.

“Our fans are even getting tattoos of the new logo. One guy had our logo shaved into the side of his head. We have some dedicated fans!”

Chimaira fans are encouraged to take pictures of their logo creations and post them online. The fans have been rewarded with codes that access the band’s new music.

Now Chimaira’s ready to rock the Fillmore.

“The Fillmore’s one of our favorite places to play,” Arnold said. “The fans in Colorado are truly awesome.”

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