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New Found Glory
New Found Glory

New Found Glory is stepping back into the musical arena with its latest CD, Not Without a Fight.

The pop-punk band had a three-year break between records, but bounced right onto Billboard’s album charts with its new record.

The buzz is on — and New Found Glory’s taking its new tunes out on the road.

“We’ve been touring with this band for 12 years. We do it for the love of the music,” guitarist Chad Gilbert said. “It’s been three years since we put out a record, because we went from Geffen/MCA to Epitaph.

“That was a better place for us.”

New Found Glory was ready to make some changes in its career. The band even wrote its new CD before signing with Epitaph Records.

Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus came on board to produce the album, which was recorded at the studio he co-owns with bandmate/drummer Travis Barker.

“We had no money to make the record, so we wanted someone with the confidence to do it for free — and get reimbursed later,” Gilbert said. “We also wanted the new songs to be fun for us to play and to be energetic.

“We’ve been through a lot over the past few years, but we realized the band’s the most important thing in our lives.”

New Found Glory has gone through record label changes and breakups in relationships, but the band decided to put a positive spin on its new batch of punk-rock anthems.

“The lyrics to our new songs came out on the positive side,” Gilbert said. “If you want something bad enough you have to fight for it — and that’s what this record is about.”

New Found Glory also found a very unique way to promote Not Without a Fight.

The band got together with MTV2 and set up a series of very funny mixed martial arts training videos in advance of the CD’s release.

New Found Glory is hoping that the fans will appreciate the new record.

“If you really listen to our music, you’ll hear that we’re playing the music we love,” Gilbert said. “New Found Glory is back to where we want to be. We’re touring, playing music — and it’s all from the heart.

“It’s really cool that our sixth full-length record debuted at the top of the charts.

“We’ve been really lucky.”

Railroad Earth

Railroad Earth usually stops off in Boulder, but this time fans of the rocking bluegrass outfit will have to head down to the Ogden Theatre. The band’s slated to play the Denver venue Friday and Saturday.

“We’ve been laying a little low since the last time we came to Colorado,” violinist/vocalist Tim Carbone said. “We’re gearing up for the summer music festivals. That’s our big time of the year.

“The last time we came through we had extra performers, but this time Colorado will get the pure Railroad Earth smackdown.”

Railroad Earth is gearing up for a busy 2009.

“We’re already set to play Rothbury, Floyd Fest and 10,000 Lakes,” Carbone said. “Our goal this year is to really get our name out there and make a new record.”

Friday night

AC/DC tribute band Hell’s Belles is playing a special show at the Fox Theatre on Friday. The ladies will perform all the songs from AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and Back in Black albums.

If you’re into checking out tribute bands, you have to see Hell’s Belles’ take on AC/DC.

The Goose on the Hill will be hosting a music bash Friday featuring rapper Afroman and “special guests.” The party starts at 4:30 p.m. and runs until 2 a.m.

Herman’s Hideaway in Denver is hosting the finals of its Almost Famous music contest on Friday. FOMA, Wendy Woo, 7even, and SoFo are duking it out for the top prize.

And Nirvana fans can head down to Denver’s hi-dive on Friday and check out the club’s Kurt Cobain/Nirvana Memorial Show. The tribute concert features members of the Dualistics, Hello Kavita and Ghost Buffalo.

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