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BOULDER, Colo. –

The University of Colorado’s president’s office — citing budget restraints — will not give out this year’s prestigious awards that honor departments producing successful, award-winning students.

Cutting back on the “President’s Awards for Outstanding Academic Leadership in Student Success” will save CU more than $40,000, according to CU.

Deborah Mendez-Wilson, a CU system spokeswoman, said the awards were canceled this year because of tighter budgets at the university. The university needs to prioritize so that scholarships aren’t cut, she said, and officials are reviewing several ways to save money.

“It was such a difficult decision to make, but this was the most prudent thing to do,” Mendez-Wilson said. “We have to cut back on these awards and programs even though we value them.”

The university is piecing together emergency budgets following a $7.9 million cut from the state this year.

Last year, the inaugural year of the awards, the aerospace engineering and physics departments on the Boulder campus claimed top honors. The chemistry department on the Colorado Springs campus earned third. The president’s office awarded the departments a combined $40,000 and spent $1,631 on plaques and a reception.

The awards were launched to honor academic departments that strive to measure student achievement and set the highest standards in undergraduate and graduate education, according to Michael Poliakoff, vice president for academic affairs and research in the president’s office.

The awards committee decides winners based on the measurable evidence — such as the number of awards earned at national or international competitions, students’ scores on standardized national exams, licenses awarded in the fields of study, and scholarships or fellowships earned.

Poliakoff said the award fostered “healthy competition” among departments and spur higher academic standards.

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Archived comments

When are they going to release the The CU Alumni Association Award that Ward Churchill rightfully earned via the open and free voting of the students, which is still being held hostage by the prejudicial hypocrites?


3/21/2009 10:46:30 AM

It’s really a shame that those awards won’t be given.It’s an opportunity missed to do something really special.


3/21/2009 10:54:31 AM

The will be even less $$ in the University coffers when Ward Churchill wins his court case.


3/21/2009 10:58:13 AM

Bruce Benson, the right-wing political operative with no Ph.D., was installed as President of CU with the promise that he would cure all of its money woes by deploying his presumed genius for fund-raising.And what happens?He becomes the most savage axe-man in CU’s history.Worse, he cuts academics while leaving big-time football unscathed.Even though football is totally irrelevant to the University’s mission and is its biggest money-waster and time-waster, there has never been a peep about cutting football in all the cuts that Benson has announced.Instead, all his cuts have been aimed at academics and staff support for academics.CU’s priorities are clear and always have been:football first, academics last.


3/21/2009 1:14:55 PM


Amen.Somebody had to say it.

And it is true about Churchill, the best way to save the money for STUDENT awards is to reinstate him and pay off all his losses, apologize, and get on with the peoples business.


3/21/2009 2:59:11 PM

It is a real shame that it is students, and the departments that best support them, must be the ones to suffer.Couldn’t CU find something else to cut?Or couldn’t it have redirected some of the $64 million (or whatever it was) in fees and parking tickets that are going to that new centralized oversized cafeteria for this tiny, tiny awards program????

3/21/2009 4:19:44 PM

Hey grand-IDIOT-jacques,

Football pays for itself and ALL of the women’s sports at CU. Want to get rid of waste?Ethnic Studies followedby “Angry” woman’s studies are the two joke majors on campus that exist for absolutely nothing other than politically correct BS.

Some people just can’t read or understand a budget, our new president at the top of that list.


3/21/2009 3:44:23 PM

forget the football coach, look at the chancellor — a five percent pay cut for him would cover most of this program —

i wouldn’t call the chancellor, the administrators, or regents…nazis — however….

(the remainder of this blog was edited by the Daily Camera editorial staff)


3/21/2009 5:19:30 PM

Football and the trappings i.e. band, cheerleaders, especially Ralphie are part of being a D1 school and an attraction for out of state students without which there would be no CU. They pay for the University that the State of Colorado doesn’t. A disgrace.

Football is supposed to pay for itself and all the other sports but it doesn’t, hasn’t in the past and probably won’t in the near future. But for the University lending the AD 8 million in 05 the generosity of Hank Brown and TV money from Big 12 bowl games the Ath.Dept. would be bankrupt let alone paying for itself and all the other sports.

P.S. The Ath.Dept. is in trouble if Hawk can’t win and right now Mike is doing the best he can but really is hanging on by a thread. Read Kyle’s articles in archives and learn.

3/21/2009 5:28:35 PM

RS Wright is wrong and has spread lies since his precious tennis program was slashed.

Football is responsible for bringing in over $25 million when you include all revenue streams, including like 8 mil in contributions (tennis raised what, 50 cents, until the one last try at the end to save a program and a coach that should have been fired months earlier for other transgressions).Football spends like $10 million.

The anti-football ones need to learn and get over it.Football will NEVER go away and it’s more important to the school than a lot of the people and programs up there.


3/21/2009 5:45:41 PM

Big time football?You really aren’t referring to CU are you?


3/21/2009 7:55:46 PM

Carl: when you accuse someone of lying you had better be ready to back it up or shut up. It would help your education to read Kyle’s articles but then you probably know more about CU football than Kyle.

Try looking at facts:

Fact: The Athl.Dept. borrowed 8 million from CU in 05, 4 million in 06 because of football deficits. Source: Coloradan. Why was there a deficit because our loyal fans didn’t renew. The money has not been paid back.

Fact: The AD was able to balance the budget last year was because of Big 12 bowl game distribution. Source: Mike Bohn.

FACT: Football does not pay for itself and all the other sports as nationwide 87% of all Ath.Dept. go into debt: Source: Mike Bohn.

Rather than support the program we have had one sellout (Texas) in the last 3 years. Source: DC. Reason: our loyal fans only support CU when it wins.(Compare NU for 80,000 fans for the spring game).

Mike papered the stadium for TV during at least one game, Kansas. Source: DC.

Football is the main source of income for the Ath.Dept. and there is nothing anti football said. But you delude yourself that CU football pays for itself and all the other sports because it doesn’t nor does it nationwide(except schools like Texas, OU, NU, USC, Ohio State, Michigan). Those fans do more than just accuse people of lying as their only defense to the fact that CU fans don’t support football any more than Colorado supports it’s flagship University.

3/21/2009 8:13:12 PM



Finally some reality in the delusional football fan world.


3/21/2009 8:39:00 PM

To all of you Churchill defenders — He’s the reason donations are down.Get over it.


3/22/2009 7:37:16 AM

Kudos to pswright and LouisvilleResident!This place needs a reality check, or is that the FRONT page story about the Boulder guy on a reality show.What a joke of a paper.


3/22/2009 9:07:19 AM

why do narrow-minded posters like grandjacques or rswright view CU as a battleground of academics vs athletics? This article makes NO REDFERENCE to athletics, which has paid for itself since Mike Bohn arrived at CU. This was a decision by the President’s office having nothing to do with athletics. By the way, why should CU not aspire to excel in BOTH academics and ahtletics?

The main fundamental problem CU has is a leftist faculty which hired and promoted Wardie boy and his ilk. He is a national disgrace to the university, and you bet many other faculty members and Boulder residents are very sympathetic to him. Another source of national disgrace for CU is 2000 punks smoking pot on 4/20 for the cameras on CNN, with the Boulder police standing-by unconcerned. What if CU had 20 athletes smoke pot before the cameras and police? You two pinheads would likely view that as another example of athletes gone wild – but if it’s a regular CU student, who cares, right?

CU needs to clean-up its academic house – its AD is the least of its problems. By the way, the AD had a balanced budget in each of the last two years. And, unlike the university, the AD gets NO operating or capital $$ directly from the state!

3/22/2009 10:43:02 AM

Hey grandjacques-your idea of cutting football is brilliant! I’m sure the University would love to cut football and write a nice check to pay off the debt service on the club/suite addition to Folsom Field. The city of Boulder and all her businesses never really needed that money football brings to its “thriving” economy six weekends a year-it was nothing but chump change and an overwhelming inconvenience to liberal elites anyway. And I’m confident that the CU Foundation would love to make the calls to alumni after the University cuts the only ongoing connection many of them still have to CU. Should be outstanding for fund raising! Upon closer examination, let’s pretend that we’re French, go to Norlin Quad, wave white flags signaling surrender, and eliminate ALL sports!


3/22/2009 11:09:25 AM

A Disgrace.

Britanny Anas writes: “Cutting back on the “President’s Awards for Outstanding Academic Leadership in Student Success” will save CU more than $40,000, according to CU.”

This sad situation is characteristic of the CU Administration’s mangled priorities. There is plenty of money for an irrelevant athletics program. There is plenty of money for endless on-campus development. Yes, some of these buildings are needed, some are not needed, and some buildings are an affront to city wishes and city codes (codes which CU arrogantly ignores).

The CU Administration loves development; it loves big, expensive buildings; it loves these projects to excess. Accordingly, it safe to say that CU is developmentally disabled.


3/22/2009 11:35:25 AM

A Disgrace.

Britanny Anas writes: “Cutting back on the “President’s Awards for Outstanding Academic Leadership in Student Success” will save CU more than $40,000, according to CU.”

It seems to me that this sad situation is characteristic of the CU Administration’s mangled priorities. There is plenty of money for an irrelevant athletics program.There is plenty of money for administrative perksâ the Chancellor’s house, for example. There is plenty of money for endless on-campus development. Yes, some of these buildings are needed, some are not, and some buildings are an affront to city wishes and city codes (codes which CU arrogantly defies).

The CU Administration loves development; it loves big, expensive buildings; it loves these projects to excessâ at the expense of awards, honors, and compensation earned by the hard-working students, staff, and faculty of this great university. Accordingly, it is safe to say that CU is developmentally disabled.


3/22/2009 11:38:17 AM

this is seriously ridiculous.


3/22/2009 11:47:11 AM

CU Students get the “education” they deserve.

Ipso facto.


3/22/2009 11:56:46 AM

RS is still mad his sport got cut and he’s delusional and has always been anti-football from his posts here.Pay no attention, he’s a longtime whiner.

Football, folks, pays for itself and thensome.Not even close, so don’t let this guys blatant lies and misinformation swing you.CU gets almost $7 million alone from the conference for football TV and bowls, add to that 95% of the fundraising is for football, then tickets, concessions, etc.

Sounds like RS Wright is on Obama’s economic team.You sir, can’t understand a budget.

As for the awards, c’mon CU, you can find 40K for it, or shave it down to 20K; do the right thing and honor the kids.


3/22/2009 2:34:15 PM

Carl doesn’t cite facts because he has no facts.

There are times when football can’t pay for itself as in 05 because of the scandals and 4 million to Barnett leaving an 8 million dollar deficit,let alone pay for all the other sports.

However most fans are like Carl, that is, they don’t want to know the facts, they just want their football. So they don’t read, don’t want to know and tell each other what they want to hear.The result is they say the football program is paying for itself and all the other sports when the truth is the the Athletic Dept. is barely hanging on. It would not have balanced its budget but for tv money from other Big 12 schools. We have had 3 bad years. What do you think will happen with another 2-10 season, no sell outs, no money from the State, poor facilities, can’t afford to buy out Hawk). But Carl you live in a dream world where football is doing great “…8 mil in contributions” which only justifies fans in not supporting the team financially. CU is 10th in the Big 12 in contributions. (Source: Daily Camera.(want the date Carl?) Wake up Carl, you live under the delusion that football is doing great. Things aren’t great at CU and you do the team no good by saying everything is ok. But you scream and cry “don’t pay any attention” when someone pops your balloon. Time to wake up Carl, read Kyle’s articles and learn before you spread untruths again.

P.S. Carl, do you believe that there would be no other sports at CU but for football? (Can’t wait for this answer).

3/22/2009 11:08:46 PM

rswright – why do you continually pit athletics at CU against academics? This article has zero to do with CU athletics! You just took another opportunity to grind your axe against football. Without CU football, the university would have to dissolve its AD and all sports, including women’s sports which generate virtually no revenues and huge expenses. Are you so biased that that you cannot realize that?

3/22/2009 11:27:17 PM

Bohn said on Fox31 tonight that CU was on a school record national TV 10 times last year.It has nothing to do with others being on, they all get a base payment and then keep their own shares.

So, CU is 10th out of 12 in contributions.They still raise $8 million,and well over 90 percent is directly tied to football.Sorry, that’s 7,999 more than tennis could ever drum up, or most of the other sports.You’re still mad Bohn cut the most worthless male college sport there is.

This guy has peddling anti-football lies and it is time he is exposed for what he is.

And I don’t put much stock into someone’s articles who quotes someone’s mood from his MySpace page. I believe Neill Woelk who tells the facts and has historically done so.

Run along now RS, you’re down 40-love and I just spanked my last serve by your sad biased football-hating rear end.


3/23/2009 12:15:34 AM

Those that don’t have any facts resort to personal attacks.

P.S. When the score is 40 love it means you are ahead not down.

3/23/2009 10:40:15 AM

You choose to pedal lies for your personal agenda, then you’d better have a thicker skin, RS.

I checked today with CU and my facts are RIGHT ON THE MONEY.You are only correct if you are talking ticket revenue; you have to include all revenue sources.You’re being selective to advance your argument and you know it.

GAME. SET. MATCH.(And I knew I was ahead 40-love, you didn’t even get that right.You must be terrible with numbers, sir.)


3/23/2009 8:54:50 PM

Carl: You claim football does not pay for itself and every other sport. Football in 05 and 06 had deficits of 12 million which it still owes. So football hasn’t paid for itself let alone all the other sports. Maybe you know nothing about the football deficits and are speaking through ignorance. (the yearly budget does not tell the whole story, again, read the DC, Kyle Ringo archives). That 12 million came directly from the Regents and the Regents get it from only one souce,tuition. CU provides football mainly for alums and fans but your fun is subdidize by the students. Until you realizeyou don’t support CU to the extent necessary you will delude yourself that football is paying for itself and all the other sports. Send money to Mike and pay for your football. Get CU out of the number 10 position out of 12 for contributions. (Still think that sounds anti-football?)

P.S. you got a copy of the budget for 2008-9. Get a copy of NU’s budget and look at revenues that actually do pay for football and all the other sports. While you are looking at NU’s budget send some money to Mike.

3/24/2009 11:20:01 AM

rswright – you are a narrow-minded, disingenous fraud. First of all – you will not answer my questions as to why you attack football and athletics when this article has nothing to do with athletics? Why is always either football or acadmics for you?

Forget about 2004 and 2005! That was under the lack of leadership of Dick Tharp. Mike Bohn has consistently balnced the budget in his tenure. One of the things that has allowed him to do is dropping men’s tennis. Personally, I wish he could drop more non-revenue sports so that money could be spent of the revenue producing sports of football (whihc is HUGELY profitable) and basketball.

3/24/2009 11:29:17 AM

“Forget about 2004 and 2005!” When you pay back the 12 million then we can forget about 2004 and 2005. Football

is for alums and fans (don’t believe it, look how much of the stadium is for fans and how much if for students). But ignoring the deficits (“what me worry?”) leads to untruths like football pays for itself and all the other sports.

This came up because Carl said as much in his post that the DC removed. (see above). Football is great but you fans live in a dream world not the real world of college athletics. Name one D1 school that has a football team but no non revenue sports. You can’t because there are none. There would be no football at CU but for the other 14 sports. So much for your wish to remove the student’s sports. The wish to remove the non revenue sports is typical of those who care more about football than they care about CU.

3/25/2009 11:15:49 AM

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