Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, right, watches the scoreboard alongside teammate Ryan Clady, left, during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers Sunday Dec. 28, 2008 in San Diego. San Diego won the game 52-21.
Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, right, watches the scoreboard alongside teammate Ryan Clady, left, during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers Sunday Dec. 28, 2008 in San Diego. San Diego won the game 52-21.


Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has formally asked to be traded, a request he made Sunday through his agent, Bus Cook.

For now, the Broncos are hoping to appease Cutler’s concerns and reach an understanding so they do not have to trade him, coach Josh McDaniels told The Denver Post on Sunday night.

Cutler and Cook issued the trade request a day after a meeting with McDaniels and general manager Brian Xanders did not go the way quarterback had hoped.

“I would like to talk to Jay before we go on and start to discuss some other type of alternative,” McDaniels said Sunday night. “In the last couple weeks, we’ve been all about trying to communicate and resolve his unhappiness with what happened â which we understand â and that’s been our direction.”

It won’t happen at McDaniels’ first team meeting, which will be held this morning at the Dove Valley headquarters. Cutler will not be there.

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Sweet baby Jay.


3/16/2009 7:24:01 AM

Jay needs to grow up.If Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Brett Farve were traded, why is he different?He hasn’t won a playoff game, has a losing record and isn’t nearly as good as he thinks he is.Adios, Jay.Thanks for getting us another first round draft pick!


3/16/2009 7:36:37 AM

That’s right, run away cry-baby..Good Riddance!


3/16/2009 7:46:12 AM

you need a grown up coach to deal with all the egomaniacal babies in this league. mcdaniels isn’t up to it.


3/16/2009 7:57:04 AM



3/16/2009 8:01:02 AM

Send him to Detroit for a sack of used footballs and a tackling dummy.


3/16/2009 8:14:10 AM

Million Dollar Babies!!!

Sucks that we had to help pay for the Denver stadium.Sports Stadiums are a waste of tax payer money.

3/16/2009 8:16:58 AM

He such a little girl.Who would want such a whiner?

3/16/2009 8:23:36 AM

buncha “no nonsense” fools posting here.

Jay’s ego may need some maturity but I gaurantee he will be a great QB somewhere before his career is over.

Josh better win without him. I thought Shanny was a little Hitler but this guy appears to have raised the bar. His ego may need some adjustment as well.


3/16/2009 8:31:12 AM

Who care’s? I don’t watch this crap. All you get is 3 play’s a kick and 5 minutes of commercials. Why bother? The NCAA is starting to go the same way. With every game they put on TV.


3/16/2009 8:43:00 AM

What’s the difference between Jay Cutler and a puppie?The puppie stops whinning after six weeks.


3/16/2009 8:46:09 AM

He makes some great plays…But he seldom inspires the fans…Probably the same with the players..


3/16/2009 8:46:15 AM

Favre is available.

3/16/2009 8:50:40 AM

When Jay is on, there is no one who can throw the ball like him


when its all said and done I’m with The1. In the few glimpses you get between commercials you couldnt tell the difference between the teams if they werent wearing different jerseys


3/16/2009 8:56:06 AM

This will set the broncos back at least 6 years.Send McKid back to NE as he is a lieing, cheating Belicheck loser

3/16/2009 8:56:46 AM

1-15 season coming up.McDaniels just lost all creditability with the whole team.He’ll be gone after one season.


3/16/2009 9:30:18 AM

He was supposed to be our quarterback, not the lead role in an on-going soap opera.Cannot play with him, cannot win with him, cannot coach with him.Bye bye sweet baby Jay.Is Mike Vick out yet?


3/16/2009 9:33:33 AM

Nothing more fun than listening to millionaires bicker.

Another reason not to support professional sports.


3/16/2009 9:36:32 AM

Get rid of the jerk, he’s already alienated his teammates, and he lost me when he compared his arm to Elways, arm maybe, heart and guts? never, he does’nt deserve to hold John’s jockstrap!


3/16/2009 9:47:21 AM

He is such a liar.He had his house(s) up for sale before the meeting.He is not a leader and will never be one.Just make him stay and let a rookie take the starting spot and make him sit on the sidelines and cry.

3/16/2009 9:49:29 AM

I’m not buying the whole “this is McDummy’s fault” Most of the negative comments can’t find their way out 2 foot hole because they’re so busy being negative.

The whole situation, it’s negative alright, but it’s still energy, and it’s still available for McDaniel’s to turn it into something positive.

I don’t like that Cutler has allowed others to exploit his immaturity. He could wind up the biggest loser in this. I hope not but man, everybody reaps what they sow and Jay is planting negative outcomes at a crazy rate.

Anyways, a positive outcome can be trading JC to the Browns in exchange for Brady Quinn, who happens to know the offensive style that NE employs (via Weiss@Notre Dame). That would be pretty good karma, wouldn’t it?

JC would be stuck in McDaniel’s home turf and Quinn would get a chance to shine. It’s not like Chris Simm’s is going to take over. I don’t know much about his condition but I bet his Dad has already called him to see if he’s sincere about being the starter.

Anyhow, keep the predictions of 1-15 records and McDaniel’s being fired out of your system. Ain’t gonna happen. Bowlen got himself this mess and there’s no way he’s going to go through firing a coach so soon. I’m assuming that McDaniel’s has told him plenty of times “I’ve got this”. I assume that because Bowlen hasn’t said anything negative about JC.

At any rate, keep the negative energy down. You won’t have anything to show for it. It’s going to be really interesting to see what McDaniel’s comes up with. He may be young, inexperienced blah blah blah but old and experienced wasn’t any better in the end, was it?


3/16/2009 9:50:15 AM

I mean hasn’t said anything negative about McD.


3/16/2009 9:51:59 AM

The 1 and extrapoint…the DVR on the Dish network has a 30 second bump.Hit the bump after the tackle and skip to the next play.The game is over in about 35-40 minutes of TV time.Watch at your convenience later.Spend your Sundays with family and friends, catch the game play as a night cap before bed time.

3/16/2009 10:01:26 AM

Why is this getting so much news coverage?


3/16/2009 10:13:51 AM

Who cares NASCAR is more fun to watch anyway!

3/16/2009 10:15:11 AM

Someone suggested Favre. I’m fine with that but ONLY if the local fans and sportscasters are able to stop calling him “Farv”! (See the film ‘There’s Something About Mary’.)


3/16/2009 10:28:47 AM

We all thought That Phillip Rivers was the bad guy in that taunting episode.

Cutler may turn out to be a great quarterback some day, but MacDaniels and the Broncos are better off without him.

Cutler backed McDaniels into a corner and McDaniels held his ground as any decent coach would.Cryler then had the choice of being a team player or being an a##&*le.He chose to be the later.The drama is almost over. Good ridance.


3/16/2009 10:37:59 AM

Thanks a LOT coach McPinhead!


3/16/2009 10:59:01 AM

Buh-bye, yah big baby.


3/16/2009 10:59:55 AM

Straight up, good riddance! Shanahan lost his job because Cutler threw too many interceptions!

3/16/2009 11:04:06 AM

McDaniels hasn’t even started yet and everyone is calling for his head.As a coach he can’t tolerate Cutlers’ petulant behavior – if he does he loses all control.Cutler needed to go a long time ago – let him go.


3/16/2009 11:26:13 AM

I like the Idea of trading Cutler for Quinn.However, we need more.I’d do it if they also threw in their first round pick this year and next year.


3/16/2009 11:34:53 AM

Mediocre career stats, including 87.1 QB rating.


3/16/2009 12:38:53 PM

The only real justice would be if Pat Bowlen made a statement by trading kutler to the Lions, for whatever he could get.Detroit is the purgatory of the NFL, and it would be just desserts for the crybaby sloucher with the self-professed “better arm than John Elway.”

Like value is not likely to be achieved, unless it was a Browns for Brady Quinn-type swap.The Broncos are in a rebuilding mode for a season or two anyway, why not groom another quarterback with the rest of the team?

kutler’s pouting, irascible attitude and throwing teammates under the bus – not to mention his abysmal performance in interviews and lousy haircut – begs his banishment to De Toilet.Please, Mr. Bowlen.Make a statement.


3/16/2009 12:38:56 PM

trade him to the Lions for a 1st round – draft a rookie, pick up a Jeff Garcia, Gus Freotte -journey man type to go at least .500 while the rookie learns the system.And with Simms, the Donkeys will be covered for at least a season or 2 if the draft pick is a bust.

2 rookie QBs led teams to the playoffs last season.

3/16/2009 12:49:48 PM

perfect pissant immature whiny attitude for Oakland to help him realize 60% of his potential.5 years from now we will be saying “What was that kids name?Butler?”Bye bye punk.


3/16/2009 12:54:11 PM

Jay knows he doesn’t need to be in camp here, or anywhere else for that matter,to be able to throw off his back foot into triple coverage.

So in his mind learning the new offense isn’t going to help or hurt HIM. The only people that are going to suffer are his team-mates, the fans, anyone foolish enough to bet on the Broncos (hint- take the points, LOTS of points) and those stores that have a huge inventory on #6 jerseys.


3/16/2009 1:11:23 PM

The Broncos need a healthy running back, and a decent defense.Now, in addition, they need a quarterback.Two years from now they will need a new coach.They will not emerge from this mess for at least 5 years.You can blame the owner as you snap off the TV at the end of another loss.

3/16/2009 1:54:46 PM

Somewhere, Phillip Rivers is saying, “I told you so.”


3/16/2009 2:23:23 PM

Cleveland has a lot of talent in Brady Quinn and the poor guy is sitting on the bench just waiting to play, make a trade already!


3/16/2009 3:26:02 PM

Uh, Brady Quinn is the starter in Cleveland. Derek Anderson is the backup. Other than that, great post.


3/16/2009 3:40:14 PM



3/16/2009 4:13:44 PM

why hasn’t McBelichick reached out to anyone in the media in Den. since he came here???What a freakin P.R. flop.He has no chance to succeed with the crazy bronco nation of fans at mile high, unless he wins.Good luck given their schedule next year.Regardless of how smart he thinks he is, or how much control he’s trying to show the team, it’s very aggrivating to most real fans how he’s been basically a ghost since he arrived.Doesn’t he have 10 minutes a day to talk on radio or t.v. or the internet, something to let folks get to know him.Just common sense.I guess the east coast in him is prevailing….My prediction, 6 wins, 10 losses next year.Sellout crowds will no longer be the same as the sun coming up. It’s going to get real nasty for young McBeliboy….


3/16/2009 10:21:46 PM