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BOULDER, Colo. –

President Barack Obama has had 79 days in office to showcase his leadership, decision-making and vision for the country, all of which will be scrutinized today at one Conference on World Affairs panel.

“Obama’s First 100 Days: How Do You Like Me Now?” will assemble a panel of renowned liberal and conservative personalities to debate the new president’s performance in the Oval Office.

Jay Harris, president and publisher of the Mother Jones investigative news magazine, said he’ll take the position that the still-fresh president has taken a page from the country’s great leaders.

“I think the guy has actually been a student of how presidents lead,” Harris said. “He’s deferring to the best principles in American history.”

Michael Franc, vice president of the Heritage Foundation conservative think tank, said he’ll give Obama’s first three months a less-than-glowing review.

“Now that you have President Obama in place, there’s an increasingly vibrant chatter on the conservative blotters … about Obama not following through on some of his campaign promises,” Franc said.

He said Obama’s decision to spend vast amounts of money on economic bailouts should make even staunch Democratic supporters question his policies.

“He’s looking at reality and having to make some decisions that might surprise some people,” Franc said.

Suzy Ageton, a Boulder City Councilwoman and moderator of the panel, said the discussion will probably be dominated by issues of the economy.

“I also think the drift away from Iraq and into Afghanistan, but with a different focus, will be a focal point,” Ageton said. “One of the delightful things about these panels, and the entire conference, is that the discussions move around.”

The panel will also include Sanho Tree, director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, and James Trengrove, a former senior producer at The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

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