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NEW YORK â Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has left the Smashing Pumpkins.

Chamberlin’s departure is posted on the Smashing Pumpkins’ Web site. The announcement didn’t say why the 44-year-old Chamberlin left the group.

Chamberlin joined the Grammy-winning alternative rock band in 1988 and played on all of their albums except 1998’s “Adore.” The band broke up in 2000 and reunited six years later with Chamberlin and frontman Billy Corgan on board.

The announcement says Corgan, who sings and plays guitar, will “continue to write and record as Smashing Pumpkins with plans to head into the studio this spring.”

Archived comments

I’m sorry, who? The drummer is the most replaceable member of any band. Who’s going to miss this guy?

Besides, isn’t it time for the Pumpkins to, uh, turn into a pumpkin? Time is definitely up.


3/23/2009 11:58:16 PM

Chamberlain was a fantastic drummer..when he was off the smack that is.Good for him getting out from under Corgan’s heavy hand.I gave up the Pumpkins when D’Arcy and James left-just wasn’t the same.


3/24/2009 6:37:47 AM

It’s true.Even when Chamberlin od’d his pal the keyboard player, Corgan kept him on, because he is a fantastic rock n’ roll drummer.But the Pumpkins suck now.Good for him, saving his money from the last tour and bailing.


3/24/2009 8:34:43 AM

The Pumpkins haven’t been good for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Corgan is a tool.


3/24/2009 6:33:15 PM