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Former Boulder Marine Lance Hering offered plea agreement
Former Boulder Marine Lance Hering offered plea agreement

BOULDER, Colo. –

A former Boulder Marine who staged his own disappearance in 2006 was offered a plea agreement Friday identical to the one accepted by his co-defendant and friend.

Prosecutors told Lance Hering, 23, they would not seek jail time in return for an admission of guilt, restitution, a letter of apology to the community, 200 hours community service and two years probation.

Hering’s friend, Steve Powers, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false reporting in January 2007, admitting that he made up the story that Hering wandered off, injured, after a fall in Eldorado Canyon State Park. The hoax, in August 2006, launched the most expensive search in Boulder County history.

Hering’s attorney, Alex Garlin, said his client is unlikely to accept the plea deal.

“From the defense perspective, the circumstances of Mr. Powers and Mr. Hering at the time of the disappearance are very different,” Garlin said. “And while it may be perfectly understandable why Steve Powers pled guilty, it does not follow that Lance would necessarily do the same.”

Powers was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to pay back $33,057 for the massive search, but had only paid back about $2,000 as of last month. Conviction on the misdemeanor charge landed Powers a felony record because of a deferred attempted burglary sentence from 2004.

In the burglary case, which also involved Hering, the two were ordered to stay out of trouble for at least two years to have the felony drop off their records.

If Hering accepts the same false-reporting deal, he would end up with the felony record, too. He would also likely be ordered to split the restitution bill.

Still, Garlin said any prudent defense attorney would “keep the door open” for further negotiations.

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said the offer is fair, given that Powers was equally culpable and has already accepted punishment.

“We’ve looked at this case very closely and have made the same plea disposition offer to Mr. Hering as was made to Mr. Powers, which we believe is appropriate,” Garnett said. “One of the jobs of the district attorney is to treat co-defendants equitably.”

Both sides agreed Friday to meet again May 29 to see if they can reach an agreement.

Hering, who was discharged by the Marines in December after telling the board his deployment to Iraq led to post-traumatic stress disorder, was also ordered by a judge Friday to undergo a mental-health evaluation prior to the May hearing.

Prosecutors asked for the evaluation because Hering’s defense could include claims about his state of mind at the time of his disappearance.

Garlin, the defense attorney, agreed that the issue will become important if the case goes to trial.

“Lance has been diagnosed by a number of very qualified healthcare professionals as having been in a mental status at the time of his disappearance that will significantly bear on the issues at trial,” Garlin said.

The attorney said he has no intention of changing Hering’s plea to that of “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

“Lance is doing well under the circumstances and is doing the best to reintegrate himself into his community,” he added.

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Archived comments

Yawn . . .


3/13/2009 1:10:48 PM

This man have much courage to resist illegal war by president Bush.


3/13/2009 1:10:50 PM

Why yes, Shanghai_Sally, and Lance is obviously a Boulder Ph.D. type, too, since he might have resisted the Iraq quagmire BY NOT ENLISTING!


3/13/2009 1:14:06 PM

just let him off, make em pay the bill and thats it.If the guy didn’t wanna fight a war, don’t punish him.


3/13/2009 1:15:30 PM

Posted by vYRaL303 on March 13, 2009 at 1:15 p.m.

“just let him off, make em pay the bill and thats it. If the guy didn’t wanna fight a war, don’t punish him.”

if the guy didn’t want to fight a war why did he enlist in the marines during wartime? some real dim bulbs here already, his apologists are just as ignorant and misguided as he is.

3/13/2009 1:20:55 PM

It’s not about him not wanting to fight a war, it’s how he came up with a scheme to stage his disappearance.Because of this scheme lots of resources were pulled out to look for the guy only to have him leaving Colorado on a bus to somewhere.He should be held accountable and probabtion is fairly easy as is restitution, which is fair IMHO.

3/13/2009 1:22:54 PM

“Hering’s attorney, Alex Garlin, said Hering is unlikely to accept such an offer.”


I say withdraw the offer and nail the coward to the wall. He’s got gall, if nothing else.


3/13/2009 1:31:58 PM

What a jerk. All of the volunteer and paid hours wasted looking for him and he is unwilling to re-imburse and say he is sorry? I say let it go to court.


3/13/2009 1:42:03 PM

at least he did get life sentences like members of his command got for murdering civilians in Iraq.

Or he didn’t get killed by those guys like he could of if he went back to his command and they knew he was going to testify against them.

Anything the Boulder DA can throw at him is a walk in the park compared to those other options.

3/13/2009 2:13:16 PM

I’m so sick of hearing about how this poor kid suffered from PTSD and staged his own disappearance.The military is voluntary.He shouldn’t have signed up if he didn’t have the ability to serve.He could have been a man and gone back to his unit and told his commanding officers he was unfit for duty in a combat zone.Instead he chose to fake his own disappearance and now refuses to accept responsibility and pay for the resources used in trying to find him?What a jerk.It’s obvious his parents never taught him about responsibility and honor and owning up to your mistakes.

By the way, Marines aren’t known for “murdering” civilians.They do the job they are trained to do.Let’s see you go over there and do their job before you run your mouth.


3/13/2009 2:18:34 PM

“Marines aren’t known for “murdering” civilians.”

These are turnerc. That’s why some are in prison.


3/13/2009 2:30:52 PM

Apparently, Hering was a part of the Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment based in California; eight soldiers from that unit had been charged with the murder and kidnapping of an Iraqi civilians.

What Marines aren’t known for and what they actually do aren’t necessarily the same – eh turnerc?

Btw – who would volunteer to put themselves through the kind of mental and physical trauma these soldiers have faced.They volunteered to serve their country – you think recruiters told them of the h*ll, death and destruction they would be facing over there?Well, son, if you make it home on the outside of a bodybag – you might be able to attend college, if they let you out and don’t send you back.Sign here please.

3/13/2009 2:36:21 PM

ps for turnerc

I did serve in the USN along side Marines in a SpecWar unit.Didn’t see combat but I know plenty who did. And I was ready everyday for 2 years to go over there and do my job, we just never got sent in.What branch did you serve?

3/13/2009 2:46:10 PM

Wow.So chicken-sh*t Lance Hering is trying to leave his friend holding the bag on the restitution.What a great buddy he turned out to be.Please Lance.Please go to trial so you can (and will) be found guilty and GO TO JAIL where you belong.You’re a disgrace to your country, the armed forces and the City of Boulder.

ps great parenting skills there Mr. & Mrs. Hering.You should both be very proud of the coward you raised…


3/13/2009 2:48:28 PM

The key word in your argument is “eight”, eight Marines were charged with that crime.You are forgetting all of the other Marines that are honorable and stand for what they have been taught.Obviously this tool box volunteered to enlist, and it wasn’t like the war was just starting.When he enlisted the war was at the height of some of the more brutal fighting.I am sorry but no matter what you are told by your recruiter, if you enlist DURING WAR TIME, you are going to war.If you are a pencil pusher you may not see as much as a grunt, however, if you enlist to be a GRUNT on purpose you get what you sign up for.A Marine Infantryman is known, and has always been known to be the first to fight.I am sorry, but if you are seriously that jaded that you feel sorry for this sorry excuse of a human, you need to re-evaluate your ideas.Plenty of soldiers, marines, seamen, and airman have been where he was and have endured.Battle of the fittest I guess.I would think that people from Boulder would be a little more upset about some idiot wasting their tax paying dollars to search for someone that had total disregard for the people looking for him.


3/13/2009 2:58:07 PM


Technically there was no “DURING WAR TIME”.

It is an AUMF or Authorization for Use of Military Force.


3/13/2009 3:05:43 PM


Did you not read the article where daddy claimed some responsibility because he was too hard on little Lance as a kid.


I was a Marine who served in the first gulf war.I must have missed the week when they trained us how to rape and murder civilians.We have hundreds of thousands of people involved in this war.What a few morons do is not reflective of the overwhelming majority.To furter answer another question you asked.I would, I re-upped for an additional year to go off to the war with my unit.I felt a sense of duty and responsibility to the team I ran.My leaving would have put them at a disadvantage.

And for the rest.

All he would have had to do was refuse to go.Get a lawyer and start fighting.In the end, he would have just gotten the discharge.The rest of this mess is all this Lance’s fault.He should take the deal.


3/13/2009 3:07:49 PM

This guy reminds me of what some refer to a feline, and I am not talking about the word cat, but the word that proceeds it, or of a type of willow.

Camera,time to turn the spot life off of this punk.


3/13/2009 3:30:20 PM


Thought you might want to see this:

let’s see what Congress has had to say about it, or rather one Congressman in particular. Senator Joe Biden, responding to questions from reporters shortly after voting for the AUMF 2001 said:

M: (Inaudible) Talbot(?). Senator, thank you for this broad gauged approach to the problems we face. My question is this, do you foresee the need or the expectation of a Congressional declaration of war, which the Constitution calls for, and if so, against whom? (Scattered Laughter)

JB: The answer is yes, and we did it. I happen to be a professor of Constitutional law. I’m the guy that drafted the Use of Force proposal that we passed. It was in conflict between the President and the House. I was the guy who finally drafted what we did pass. Under the Constitution, there is simply no distinction â ¦ Louis Fisher(?) and others can tell you, there is no distinction between a formal declaration of war, and an authorization of use of force. There is none for Constitutional purposes. None whatsoever. And we defined in that Use of Force Act that we passed, what â ¦ against whom we were moving, and what authority was granted to the President.

Tomato/Tomato my friend, call it what you will, but this is what Congress was quoted as saying.Either way you look at it, he enlisted during a CONFLICT.If we are in another country fighting, utilizing weapons, and defending innocent people our military will be there.This guy new what he was getting into and took the cowards way out instead of going through his chain of command like a true Marine was taught to do.I have no sympathy for this guy….he is a disgrace to all that have served and to this country.


3/13/2009 3:36:39 PM

Oh yeah exarmygirlnowparalegal,

I forgot the US Constitution is quaint & irrelavent.


3/13/2009 3:47:47 PM

I didn’t serve in the Marines.My son did.In Iraq and Afghanistan.He was part of the 2nd Batallion, 3rd Marines based out of K-Bay, HI.He served his country honorably and now he is going to college on the GI bill.He did NOT murder any innocent civilians and the MAJORITY of Marines do not murder civilians.

He left for bootcamp the day after he graduated from high school and turned 18 in boot camp.You don’t think I told him when he said he wanted to enlist that he would end up going to war especially since he signed up to be a grunt?He was an 81 mm mortar man.He saw heavy conflict in both Iraq and in the mountains of Afghanistan. He knew what he was signing up for when he signed up; he knew he would see conflict; he knew as a mortarman he would be in combat.He signed up anyway because he wanted to serve his country.And he did so with honor and distinction.

Marines are not trained to murder civilians.However, they are trained to do their job.There is a reason they are considered one of the most dangerous fighting units in the world.They are among the most honorable of all branches of the service and a few bad apples don’t change over 100 years of honor.

While my son was in Iraq serving his country, this spoiled little brat from Boulder was running from his responsibilities.Now he wants to keep running by saying that he shouldn’t have to pay restitution.Again, he could have gone to his commanders and said he was unfit for duty.He could have talked to a chaplain.He could have refused to go without the subterfuge of faking his own death and being on the run.He’s a coward and he should pay restitution.

And then he should just shut the hell up and be grateful he’s able to live in this country.In any other country, dereliction of duty, refusing to fight in time of war could have got him shot.


3/13/2009 3:55:52 PM

Lance is still waiting for Boulder to throw a Home Town Hero parade.

3/13/2009 3:59:50 PM

turnerc–tell your son thank you for his service.I guess it is easy for the people on here to run their mouths when they have never been a part of anything bigger than their internet game sites.Your son and all of the other Marines that stand with him are an honorable breed, as are all services.I guess this coward didn’t learn a thing that the Marines had to teach him.Not only does he lack honor, courage and respect, he is willing to leave his buddy picking up the pieces after he came up with this plan.All branches preach “never leave a man behind”, it is to ensure everyone is taken care of.This guy is willing to hang is best friend out to dry out of pure selfishness.Obviously when your parents keep bailing you out of situations you just feel everyone owes you something.This guy is a tool, and I can’t believe anyone would stand up for him.


3/13/2009 4:04:39 PM

I’m rather confused…

Lance isn’t on trial here for desertion.Whether or not he faced the “horrors of war” is irrelevant.The Marines have already decided to not pass judgment on him.

But, and correct me if I’m wrong, did he and his friend not create a bogus story, report it to the authorities as an emergency situation, and run from the law for several years?

Since when is this NOT a crime?I was under the impression that when you scream “FIRE!” in a crowded theater and call 911, there are repercussions.

And, again, correct me if I’m wrong, was there not a national story recently where someone was fined over calling 911 for chicken nuggets?At least she had bad service; Lance Hering was deserting the military and fleeing from the police.


3/13/2009 4:07:27 PM


You are 100% correct.I guess this blog went in the wrong direction when some started talking about Marines.Guess us veterans will stick up for ours.:)


3/13/2009 4:25:42 PM

The Camera… once again… has mangled everything. Has even one of you idiots stopped to think WHY he would not accept responsibility for the search and rescue? Any idea other than douchbaggery? Anyone willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, oh wait its Boulder. Character assasination is a Boulder County pass time.

And why the hell would he go back to a unit that was full of murderous marines? He deployed with them once and saw what they were capable of. This is a WAR. Things happens and sometimes no one is in control of a unit and on one really knows what the f*** is going on. Thus the birth of the term FUBAR. Anyone in Boulder giving this marine crap needs to be put in a Fullujah fire fight with mutinous comrades. Feeling comfortable yet? And you know what? Screw ALL the marines that are posting Semper Fi and all that stuff on here. All wars are different. Some ruin it for the corps, maybe his unit did.


3/13/2009 5:17:06 PM

actually exarmy – this went in the wrong direction when turnerc starting making assumptions about combat.Until you’ve actually been there, in the searing heat for months on end, rations, bullets and rockets, dead and injured friends, women, and children, lack of sleep, mental and physical exhaustion– you can’t really know if combat would break you or not.I don’t KNOW how I would have reacted even with all the training.Most of the time, it was the gung-ho guys in bootcamp that would freeze up or panic when it came down to live or even simulated missions.So is Lance a coward?He signed up, he shipped out, he completed a tour – he obviously has a step up on anyone posting here today.If combat broke him, does that make him a coward?No one can say definitely that it wouldn’t have wrecked them b/c none of us have had that experience.Obviously, those few “bad apple” Marines were broken – how else do you explain killing civilians?

3/13/2009 5:29:14 PM

Hering needs to do time for his felonious adventure in and around Eldorado Springs, faking his disappeance so he could desert; what a stupid jerk. He put put emergency workers at great risk for no reason, possibly endangering their lives while he ~ran away~.


3/13/2009 5:31:27 PM

Lance is not guilty. The US is for illegal war. Go to trial, Lance, I stand with you. Someone has to speak out for pushing the responsibility up the chain of command. Good for you. Too many lives have been taken outright or permanently messed up from Iraq and Afghanistan. The permanent repercussions of this empirical foreign policy will dwarf that of the global economic crisis it has brought on directly.

History marches on with the un-prosecutors Alex Hunter, who failed Robert Redford’s daughter’s boyfriend Sid Wells, Mary Lacy, who failed Lisa Simpson’s perpetrator from CU and now Stan Garnett, who won’t even prosecute a police officer and 2 probation officers for shooting from the county into city residences at Shanahan Ridge. This is the Wild West. Alex Midyette gets off of child abuse murder over an ill-defined technical and undiagnosed disorder while his wife gets 16 yrs. for not protecting her child from his own father, who, following Stan’s prosecution, wasn’t even found guilty of perpetrating the injuries, with no other explanation, and in the case of a 10 wk. old.

Lance’s case ought to go to Restorative Justice for paying for the search. The US military officials, GW Bush and the rest of the neoconservative thugsneed to be in the center of the Restorative Justice Circle. It is a small cost to pay compared to the mental health costs on veterans coming back home from these atrocities.

And the previous infraction was NOT a burglary, it was two boys playing some kind of athletic-related game that involved moving over the top of a building, if I recall. The injustice of this all is pitiful and very political.

You go Lance!Let the truth be told, as it was today in Denver by Betsy Hoffman about the illicit firing of Ward Churchill and ultimately contributive to her leaving as President of CU.

I would love to hear the REAL narrative of what happened with you. The world will be better for it.


3/13/2009 5:39:57 PM

“And the previous infraction was NOT a burglary, it was two boys playing some kind of athletic-related game that involved moving over the top of a building, if I recall…”

No, it was felony burglary.

He’s a felon and should pay for his crime.


3/13/2009 5:46:41 PM

exarmygirlnowparalegal writes:

“Guess us veterans will stick up for ours. :)”

So you are sticking up for Marine Lance Corporal Hering.

Glad that’s cleared up.


3/13/2009 5:47:51 PM


Explain the exact situation.


3/13/2009 5:59:14 PM

I’m sure you won’t but it is commonly known and was printed in the Camera.


3/13/2009 6:00:51 PM


They were doing PARKOUR. Look it up. You’re obviously not smart enough to know what that is. It is jumping over buildings. They weren’t trying to rob a fricking Savers man c’mon.


3/13/2009 6:03:55 PM

Thank you.


3/13/2009 6:05:47 PM

LDS, just read the paper.

“In the 2004 case, Hering pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree burglary and obstructing police, and was ordered to stay out of trouble for at least two years. If he did, the FELONY burglary charge would be scrubbed from his record.”

–source Daily Camera


3/13/2009 6:05:56 PM

lynn seagull always takes the poor innocent victims’ side of any issue herein.The perp is always…always….innocent and the terrible law enforcement or justice system is treating the poor lil perp badly.Geeze, l-syou must have a screwed up life that you are trying to relive vicariously and make things come out right

3/13/2009 8:36:36 PM

at least he did get life sentences like members of his command got for murdering civilians in Iraq.

Or he didn’t get killed by those guys like he could of if he went back to his command and they knew he was going to testify against them.

Anything the Boulder DA can throw at him is a walk in the park compared to those other options.



3/13/2009 8:56:15 PM

That may be the charge because he plead bargained, but the point is, the DA overcharged him in the first place. Parkour, DO YOU GET IT YET?

There was no ill intent and there was no harm done.


3/13/2009 10:13:46 PM


(post was for you)


3/13/2009 10:14:49 PM

People, all he had to do was say he was gay!He would have been honorably discharged immediately.No one put a gun to head head and made him sign the elistment papers.The military is voluntary, but, once you enlist they actually expect you to KEEP YOUR WORD!

As a vet (MOS 11B1V, unit 3bn 75th Rgr Regt. 88-91 91-92 A Co. 4th RTBN) this really gets me upset.If you decide it is too much for you, fine, there is always the gay excuse.Everyone I served with knew that.

This kid use some ruse for a fake search, that cost a lot money and one injury that I know of, because he didn’t to go want to go back to war with his fellow Marines.(This also tells me how good a Marine he was.I have built the closest relationships possible with the Rangers I served with.I know them better than their parents, wives, and, they know me likewise.If he didn’t feel any responsibility for his fellow Marines, then, that tells me he was a selfish person not to be trusted.)

If he was accepted by his fellow Marines(ie: a “Good Marine”, not a POS), they would have cared enough, when they saw the signs of PTSD (you cannot really hide them), to get him the help he needed.

lynn_segal_aka_lds – I know you hate the war, but, this is not the person to get behind.There are much more deserving things of your energy that this simpering little man.How about this –


3/13/2009 10:36:36 PM

“…because he didn’t to go want to go back to war with his fellow Marines…”


“…because he didn’t want to go back to war with his fellow Marines…”


3/13/2009 10:39:00 PM

Notice for: BiggieSmalls

His FELLOW MARINES liked to drag civilians out into the middle of the street and gun them down out of revenge. do those sound like the kind of marines YOU would want to be embedded with? if your fellow rangers had done that would YOU have gone on a second tour with them?

gay excuse? kid had PTSD. he ran the hell away. for some reason, Im TOLD, when youhave PTSD you’re not thinking clearly. like oh hey… ill just say im gay. problem solved. its a good thing im thinking clearly! i might never have come up with that gem of an idea.


3/13/2009 10:54:19 PM

tuttifruttiWeren’t those marines sent to jail?He wouldn’t have been serving with them, now would he?


3/13/2009 11:06:01 PM

He’s probably going to have a bad case of PTSD from the stress from the deep fear he must have felt which caused him to bail.I feel sorry for him.I’m sure he is battling a lot of demons and that will serve as punishment enough.


3/14/2009 1:02:23 AM

If the guy broke written laws then charge him with those and shut the heck up.If you want to extort $30,000 from him and let him remain free then our justice system has gone off the tracks.Forget the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the rest of the foundations that make our country a Democracy.If a pile of cash will fill the bill, then we are dealing with a Partially Democratic Dictatorship based on Capitalistic Endeavors.Sounds like Stalin when I think about it. He just took it all, law abiding or not…


3/14/2009 2:27:16 AM

p2m68 — i already provided a link previously about the news article on members of Lance’s unit being charged with murder. (search the net – Marines Kilo 5th regiment murder -plenty of articles about it)And Biggie – he wouldn’t have done time – he would have testified against those fellow Marines.Any ever heard of getting “fragged”? — going back to Iraq could have put any Marine at risk if the suspected Marines thought you might testify against them.

Also,how much did the BPD spent on tracking Lance down? – cause the Marines weren’t actively looking for him.

In no way did I ever say he wasn’t guilty of the Boulder charges – I just pointed out that anything he faces here is a lot better than what he might have faced by going back.And there are extenuating circumstances for him to fake his dead.It’s not like they were bored on a Friday night.Who fakes their dead as a hoax? – it was an escape route – albeit in hindsight not the best route.

3/14/2009 8:46:21 AM

Remember Pat Tillman and Andrew, the guy who was threatened with dishonorable discharge after his psychological reaction to a traumatic scene before being properly oriented?And he was having a reaction to anti-malarial drugs that they were testing out on many vets.

Pat’s story on


3/14/2009 9:55:30 AM


Was Herring a member of the platoon which was involved in the Hamdaniya incident?How about the squad?Did he witness the incident?


3/14/2009 10:06:01 AM

Turnec, you sound like one of those no nonsense fathers. I would not ignore the realities of PTSD. You son could have it already. I would keep an eye on him and not deny that it exists. He may turn out like many of the homeless Veterans one day.

3/14/2009 10:28:49 AM

lynn — Nothing is permanent.I would expect you’d be the first to acknowledge that.

I truly could care less about this.The kid was scared.He screwed up.The lynch mob is out to get him. “Send him to jail” “he gets what he deserves” blah blah blah.The compassion around here is amazing.

All of you that cast stones will one day understand when the spotlight is turned on you for your dumb mistake.

As far as the volunteers.They’re stronger for it and bravo for being volunteers.Exercise is good for you.This is one of the scenarios any rescue crews knows is a possibility.

As far as the paid crew.Not an ounce of sympathy.They signed up for this and get paid for it.33k is chump change around Boulder.


3/14/2009 10:41:22 AM

A pretty good sign of just how aggressive our society is. We are not satisfied with untolled death and destruction of a country for reasons proved to be unfounded and for quite possibly entirely fabricated disinformation, we also torture our returning soldiers too.

Of course most of the so-called collateral damage was not intended personally by soldiers serving our country in the manner they were trained to do and with our Congress and President’s direction. We are all responsible for our country’s actions.

But warfare is well know to produce PTSD and lots of other damage to the soldiers and it would seem they could use some compassion. It appears that they are mostly supposed to be cannon fodder and come back the same as they were before they left. This man stated he feared going back to his own unit. I find that entirely possible.

War is a barbaric way to solve the world’s problems and should not be so readily accepted as a recourse. War creates the hatreds and grievances that precipitate the next war. Collateral damage is not sanitary if you are the collateral.

If we don’t learn how to live on this tiny jewel of life called Earth with our ancient instincts and our ideological concepts that lead us to justify violating principles and taking on the view of the end justifies the means we are going to be the cause of our own extinction. Taking the gloves of civilization off is an admission of defeat of a civilized nation.

3/14/2009 11:44:06 AM

This thread seems wildly off-topic.This is the Boulder case – not the Marine’s desertion charge we’re talking about, right?

I’d have a lot more sympathy for this kid if at some point he’d acknowledge some responsibility for his actions here.The whole “I was afraid my unit would kill me”/PTSD/desertion aspect is between him and the Marines.If he really felt he was in danger he ought to be supremely grateful that he’s no longer in that situation. And he ought to own up to his actions in Boulder.

Shame on his parents for enabling this utter lack of responsibility for one’s own actions. I bet this kid has never and will never take responsibility for anything in his life.


3/14/2009 11:54:11 AM

Lance, like many others, probably realized that he wasn’t defending America, but fighting for America’s (and others) rich to expand their aggressive advance on the rest of the planet. Many people–military or not–now see the U.S. for what it is: a major parasite to humanity. A policeman (or better yet, a hoodlum of the rich) constantly roaming the planet for someone to shake down or bomb, for their oil to run our outdated transportation system, or soil for a base for future aggression.

As for the “costs” for trying to find him, what’s that all about anyway? Thats what taxes are for. These guys are paid to rescue people. The government shouldn’t get a “bonus” when these guys actually work an incident.

Lance shouldn’t have to pay a dime.

Bush and Obama: no difference when it comes to war.


3/14/2009 12:02:56 PM

apm8945 “…And Biggie – he wouldn’t have done time – he would have testified against those fellow Marines. Any ever heard of getting “fragged”?…”

I never said he would have done time for what those other Marines did.I cannot find any evidence that suggests Herring was at the scene of the kidnapping or murder.This involved 1 squad out the the whole company.Herring wasn’t in any danger from those marines.

What do you know about getting fragged?That whole statement tells me that you have never served.So, if I am wrong, please regale us with your fratricidal experiences as you make it sound like it is a common thing.


3/14/2009 12:37:14 PM


“That may be the charge because he plead bargained, but the point is, the DA overcharged him in the first place. Parkour, DO YOU GET IT YET?

There was no ill intent and there was no harm done.”

He plead guilty to a felony burglary charge.His sentence was probation and a clean record if he stayed out of trouble.

Which he didn’t.He and a friend created a fake emergency and reported it to the police and ran away.Thus, he breaks the agreement of his original plea for burglary, thus he should be punished accordingly.

Whether he was doing parkour is moot; he plead guilty and agreed to the terms of the plea bargain.I might give him the benefit of the doubt and agree that he was actually just doing parkour, but he made a promise to stay out of trouble and then broke it; evading the authorities for years.

Is this rocket science?


3/14/2009 2:04:48 PM

Posted by iammine on March 14, 2009 at 11:54 a.m.

“I’d have a lot more sympathy for this kid if at some point he’d acknowledge some responsibility for his actions here”.

“Shame on his parents for enabling this utter lack of responsibility for one’s own actions. I bet this kid has never and will never take responsibility for anything in his life.”

exactly. glad to see someone around here gets it.

3/14/2009 2:35:47 PM

biggie biggie biggie – can’t you see

the post I made previously.

I did serve and I studied American Military History as my concentration during my History undergrad. degree.So yes – I have a very good understanding of the practice of “fragging” even though I have never been “fragged” or have attempted to “frag” someone else.

btw – those guys were in the same Division, Regiment, Battalion and Company – so we’ve narrowed it down to about 100 men.Not sure on the platoon or squad but it would be safe to say that Lance knew all the men in his company.I know over 100 of my co-workers out of 1000 in my company’s Denver location.

Next thing I know – he’ll want a copy of my diploma and my service record. Jeez.

3/14/2009 2:47:56 PM

Do you think that a co-worker who you knew by sight and name would tell you that they murdered someone?

I question whether Herring was really afraid that he would be killed by his fellow Marines.It sounds like a convenient excuse unless he was in the platoon whose members committed the crime.

It would be nice to see this kid accept responsibility for his actions, accept the consequences, and move on with his life.The DA and his attorney are still trying to work out a fair deal and hopefully this can be resolved before it costs the community anymore money.


3/14/2009 4:05:43 PM

tatnick — my company isn’t at war – so we are not really confiding our darkest secrets to each other during nighttime battles.

but maybe we should all hold up until the psych eval comes back.Then you can all go back to the lynch mob for the crazy guy and his hoax.

3/14/2009 4:41:56 PM

I don’t join lynch mobs.As a veteran I’m offended by the way some people use the fact that he was in a company where a single squad murdered a civilian as an excuse for his actions.If he saw the murder or was a member of the platoon involved then it could be legitimate.If not, then it’s a sleazy lie.


3/14/2009 5:16:31 PM

There are two ways to look at this as far as the 2 year probation of felony.

Lance, as Pat Tillman, probably went in to this war without reluctance.

1) He could fully expect that in the military, not a civilian environment, he would be less likely to be violating probation doing activities he found entertaining and harmless like parkour.

2) He could be one of the ones perpetrating an attack against a civilian in the military environment, since he had been guilty of the “burglary” charge.

I for one suggest that since he was the one RUNNING from a potential fragging situation brought about by ANOTHER person who was the perpetrator, that #1 is the correct approach to the follow up on his charge.


3/14/2009 6:52:11 PM

why should he have to pay restitution? people were either volunteers or paid for doing what they’re supposed to do — search. was there some other search they could have been doing for those days?

3/14/2009 6:53:42 PM

He much more hero than fake boy soldiers who are post here. Your president Bush make criminal war in Iraq. Murder many honest citizens in Iraq.

Why America so hypocrite? Why America hate so much?


3/14/2009 7:43:35 PM

Soldier Tillman die for lies, his same friends kill him. Very not professional.


3/14/2009 7:45:48 PM

No, I don’t need your DD214.You just don’t sound to me like somebody who has been in combat, that’s all.

If he didn’t know all the men in his company, he was retarded.That is just plain stupid to think he wouldn’t know every man in a infantry unit.Battlefields are a crazy place, if I was wrong about your combat experience then, you’ll understand that.

lynn_segal_aka_lds As a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, please stop using Ranger Tillman to support your anti-war position.It is in very bad taste, please show a little respect for the dead.

Say what you want about the military, the war, or the government, but, please leave the individuals out of it.Unless they seek out the spotlight.


3/14/2009 7:50:40 PM

So much off-topic chatter.

This kid is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. For that, there should be a consequence.

Some people might try to turn him into a hero to fit their narrow political agenda, but the facts remain the same: he planned a bogus event that cost many people time, energy, money, and unwarranted emotional stress that they can never reclaim for something otherwise more worthwhile, such as–I don’t know–time spent with loved ones…?

Lynn and other defenders, can you get over yourselves just for a moment to accept that this is not about the village idiot, GWBush, or the devastating effects of war? This is about Lance Hering and his bad, calculated decisions.


3/14/2009 8:39:40 PM

Many people post here also are liar, cheat and fraud.

Why Americans so hypocrite? Why Ameicans hate so much?


3/14/2009 11:07:02 PM

Whatever. I would have run too if being forced to serve under the Bush administration’s oil war. it was nothing more than a war to make Halliburton and Lockheed Martin rich. No point in risking your life for that crap.

I only fault the kid for joining in the first place, taking the pay, and then pulling out. He should never have gone there in the first place.


3/20/2009 11:42:36 PM

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